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Hear Nikhil Shetty and Rishabh Ravi’s New Pop Single ‘Aadat Buri Hai’

The Mumbai duo have also released a music video to accompany the song

Rachana Haldar Nov 04, 2020

Mumbai duo Nikihil Shetty and Rishabh Ravi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Last month, Mumbai duo Nikhil Shetty and Rishabh Ravi released their debut pop offering titled “Aadat Buri Hai.” While the song features melodic guitar parts and a dancy groove, the pair tells us that their tunes fall in the sweet spot between Bollywood and indie music. Shetty says, “I personally have not heard a lot of artists who are sort of in that space. So I think that is what sets us apart, just being between two extremes.”

According to them, “Aadat Buri Hai” is about one’s quest for love that they depict using symbolism in the track’s accompanying video. In the clip, the pair are seen penning letters using a typewriter, however, they’re never quite able to write that one letter that satisfies them. Shetty explains that writing is his replacement for modern-day drunk dialing. He says, “It’s my therapist.”  

Shetty and Ravi have used the pandemic to their advantage by working on more material while growing as artists simultaneously. They’ve also felt that creating music has helped them connect with folks much more. “People have finally had the patience to listen to music [due to the lockdown] and I think we all move together,” says Shetty.

Watch the video below:

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