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Hear New Delhi Artist Nishant Singh’s Wishful Single ‘Hua Hua’

The song, featuring singer Neelasree Basu, offers the perspective of first-time lovers

Tanushi Bhatnagar Jul 30, 2021

New Delhi-based composer Nishant Singh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Composer-songwriter and theater director Nishant Singh continues to add feathers to his hat as he released his third single, “Hua Hua,” featuring West Bengal-based singer Neelasree Basu on July 24th. 

This soulful song starts with a late-Nineties and 2000s Bollywood vibe. It immediately reminds you of love and longing as Indian electronic percussion inaugurates the tune. While the composition sounds traditional, it blends into modern synth and hip-hop in the bridge, courtesy of producer Vaibhav Singh. The base melody of “Hua Hua” is catchy and brings a nostalgic yet fresh perspective. Singh says about the composition, “We have always imagined it as a story of common people, the girl who is waiting for her lover, who is coming to the village after a long time.” “Hua Hua” gives the impression of simple and pure love between humble people and first-time lovers. 

Neelasree Basu, who provides vocals, does justice to the romantic lyrics. Her euphonious voice pleasantly molds into the song’s production, which demands an unmatched longing for your lover’s return. The juvenile eagerness and infatuation of the character of the song come across impressively. The singer aims to bring a shy smile to the listener’s face by reminding them of youthful romance.

Singh, a dramatics aficionado, has been working in theater for the last five years and has previously written and composed songs and directed plays for many dramatics institutes, including the National School of Drama. His previous tracks “Kaha Aagaye” and “Alvida” received a positive response in the last year from both listeners and critics alike.

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Listen to “Hua Hua” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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