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Hear Noah Ferrari’s Experimental New Album ‘Wonderful Agony’

The Swiss musician tapped into his own heartbreak as inspiration for the 10-track record

David Britto Dec 22, 2020

Swiss artist Noah Ferrari. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Due to his father being a working musician, Zurich-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Noah Ferrari was always surrounded by music. He says, “There was always music playing in the house, anything from Jimi Hendrix to Michael Jackson to Frank Ocean.” Growing up, he began singing and even picked up guitar, piano and drums while also getting into electronic music, producing and beat making.

After releasing several singles and EPs, the 21-year-old is now out with his 10-track full-length debut album Wonderful Agony. The songs on the record are inspired by Ferrari’s first heartbreak, meeting new people, experiencing the nightlife, crying and more. He says, “I felt a lot of agony during the writing process, dealing with all these different emotions, but ending up being stronger and at a better place.”

Sonically, Ferrari incorporated electronic sonic elements juxtaposed with acoustic sounds. The musician recorded guitar, bass, percussion, shakers and also “everyday sounds” into the music. The artist also added drum machines, synths and more. He says, “I aimed for an overall bright and clean sound.” Ferrari produced, mixed and mastered the album at his home studio.

The musician tells us that his songs act as a diary for him and is a way to tell stories where he can express himself best. Currently, Ferrari is doing plenty of self-reflection. He says, “I’m asking a lot of questions, to hopefully be answered soon, or by the time I finish my next project.”

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Stream ‘Wonderful Agony’ on Spotify below:

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