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Hear One Trxbe’s Multifarious Debut EP ‘Afterdark’

The Mumbai-based artist floats in and out of various genres on the five-track record

David Britto Oct 30, 2020

Mumbai-based artist Ashish Ebenezer aka One Trxbe. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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As someone who grew up in an army household, Mumbai-based artist Ashish Ebenezer – who goes by the moniker One Trxbe – found himself traveling a lot. Through those travels, Ebenezer picked up the piano and guitar while at the same time drawing inspiration from Nineties rock bands and Noughties pop and hip-hop artists. After dropping out of medical school to pursue sound engineering in 2015, he soon started working on his own material and is now out with his debut five-track EP Afterdark.

Speaking about the new record, Ebenezer says, “Afterdark wants you to know why you’re happy, because of the indomitable spirit you are.” The artist wants listeners to know that they should reach for the stars, no matter the outcome. He adds, “Find your way back to the place where you used to be happy and peaceful.” Sonically the EP features a juxtaposition of genres. There’s acoustic electronica (Jungle Paradise), hip-hop (“2020 Vision” featuring artists Praosh and Sourajit De and “Runnin” with rapper Two L), melancholic piano (“Oceans)” and record closer “A Good Night” which is a unique cover of the Black Eyed Peas hit “I Gotta Feeling.” Ebenezer says, “I wanted to make a version never heard before which is also fun and familiar. It’s an acoustic, trap, tribal, Indian classical experiment. Fusion but in my own way.

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One Trxbe recorded and produced the entire record at his home studio while Tamzid Rahman from Mumbai’s Space Cat Studios mixed and mastered it. “He’s [Rahman] not just a mix engineer but an electronic artist with plenty of experience working with various genres. This helped me express to him [my ideas] effectively and he caught on to the vibe very soon.”

To help in promotion with the record, Ebenezer sent out personal notes to listeners to create an organic engagement. “I will be sharing their response [to the EP] soon,” he says. The artist will also be releasing lyric videos in the coming weeks. Currently, Ebenezer is producing for other musicians while also starting work on his own full-length album, due next year. Apart from that, he’s working on making films alongside videographer Ritik Singh to stimulate his creativity. He says, “I’m super excited to look into the future.”

Stream ‘Afterdark’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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