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Hear ONEmpire’s Emphatic New Song ‘Run To You’

Frontman Zarir Warden talks about the second release off their upcoming EP ‘Humanity’ and songs that saved his life

Rolling Stone India Nov 02, 2018

Mumbai pop-rock band ONEmpire. Photo: Siddhi Patel/The Orange Booth

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With Mumbai rock band ONEmpire’s latest song “Run To You,” vocalist Zarir Warden says they were aiming to write an emphatic track that can save a life. The arena-rock goosebumps-inducing songwriting certainly reaches for that effect and Warden says that’s the message of their entire debut EP Humanity. “The point of each song on this EP to connect to people on a particular human emotion,” he says.

Their latest particularly talks about loneliness and depression and the need to reach out. It’s something that Warden feels musicians especially find difficult to do. He says, “One minute, they’re in front of 80,000 screaming people and the next minute, they’re in a car by themselves and later, in a hotel suite by themselves. They don’t know what to do.” Not one who’s particularly felt anything close to a depression, Warden does admit there are times when he’s felt demotivated. He says, “There are times when they think they’re facing something and they have to deal with it all by themselves, but all it takes is picking up the phone and saying ”˜I need help, I need someone around’ and I don’t think anyone will say no to that.”

Listen to a snippet of the song below. Stream in full here.

If not relying on people, Warden has his own picks for songs that raise his spirits, from British pop duo Lighthouse Family’s “High” and American rock veteran Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” He adds about the latter, “It’s a very in-your-face, emphatic, pick-yourself-up kind of song.”

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Despite the delays in releasing more songs off their EP on a regular basis ”“ their debut single “Shine A Light” was out in December last year ”“ ONEmpire have a lot going for them. They even opened for pop rockers OneRepublic at their Mumbai appearance in April this year. “Just being around there before they played, it kind of helps you get those creative juices flowing. We’re using these tiny experiences so far to write,” Warden says.

With a lyric video in the works for “Run To You,” there’s also a live video rendition of the song from a show last year that will go up. Soon after, there will be the third single off Humanity. Warden says, “We were just waiting for some kind of plan, but now we’re just going ahead and releasing. I don’t want to keep the gap more than two months. Maybe sometime in January.”

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ONEmpire performs at Flea Bazaar Cafe, Mumbai on November 2nd. Event details here.

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