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Hear pb’s Wistful Debut EP ‘head + heart’

The Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter produced the entire record from her bedroom

David Britto Oct 11, 2020

Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Paridhhi Bajoria aka pb. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Paridhhi Bajoria aka pb began teaching herself how to play guitar and ukulele, she started posting covers to social media which caught the attention of the likes of global artists Billie Eilish, Meghan Trainor and Mahalia. She says, “My confidence slowly started increasing.” Around the same time, the musician also ran a music blog, and it was only in 2019 when she penned her first song. “At university, I realized that I had been through quite a journey, and I started looking for new inspiration everywhere,” she says. Those inspirations led to her writing and producing her just released five-track debut EP head + heart.

Bajoria moved to the U.K. to go to university this past July with a blank slate. The artist thought that she would not make any music for some time. However, transitioning to a new place away from home got her creative juices flowing. She says, “I always imagined I would release an EP at some point, but I never knew it would end up happening so soon.”

The singer-songwriter wrote the entire record in two months and produced, mixed and mastered it out of her bedroom. The vocals you hear on the record were tracked using her earphone mic which came with her phone. “It is the embodiment of bedroom pop,” she says. head + heart opens with the dreamy “call u anyway” before we hear the lo-fi “only human” and the indie sounding “unheard.” The penultimate song is the sobering “pedestal” while the EP closes with the acoustic leaning “coffee,” featuring guitarist-vocalist Sid Pillai. Across the record Bajoria sings about heartbreak, self-respect in friendship, the fear of missing out, having flaws and living with imperfections. “It is the literal blend of my thoughts and feelings,” she says.

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Currently, the artist is focusing on a research master’s degree in the U.K., although she’s certain that writing and producing music will still continue, even if juggling university with it is a task. She says, “Music is just an escape from reality for now, but I am very excited to experience the series of unexpected events that follow.”

Stream ‘head + heart’ on Spotify below and on other platforms


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