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Hear Peach Envy’s Cosmic New Single ‘Unhinged’

The track is the second single off the Mumbai band’s forthcoming EP ‘Seeds of Ether’

David Britto Jun 01, 2021

Mumbai alternative jazz outfit Peach Envy. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When vocalist Tiana Taraporvala, producer-singer Purnet Moirangthem, keyboardist Hardik Pandya, bassist Anand Masrani and drummer Somayan Banerjee met at Mumbai’s True School of Music (TSM) in 2018, the musicians instantly hit it off. “We spent a lot of time attending gigs in the city bonding over pizza, coffee and of course our love for independent music,” Taraporvala says. That kinship led that group to form alternative jazz outfit Peach Envy. The group released their debut single “Jungle of Love” this past March and dropped their second offering, the celestial “Unhinged” last month.

With the band influenced by various genres that go from rock to pop and jazz, there’s plenty of vibrant intricacies found in their music. Those embellishments are heard brilliantly on their latest single. “Unhinged” includes luxuriant guitar and keyboard parts, smooth drum and bass grooves as well as silky vocals. There’s also an ethereal section right before the band bursts into a heavy rock sound for the song’s bridge. Pandya says, “We weren’t hesitant to blend various genres. The sonic textures had to complement the theme of the song.”

Taraporvala pegs the main intent of the track as one of “embracing uncertainty.” The vocalist says, “It’s about resolving within yourself the need to constantly seek direction and a set path.” She adds, “It all started with one line and one melody which I then brought to the guys and Hardik helped with harmony, and it just grew from there. I started writing ‘Unhinged’ at a very pivotal point in my life when a lot of things were changing around me.”

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Peach Envy tracked the song partly at TSM with recording engineer Hersh Desai and at their respective home setups. Moirangthem and Pandya produced the track while the keyboardist also mixed and it, with Desai handling mastering duties. “Since the beginning, we decided to produce the songs by ourselves. We wanted to learn and experiment to see how far we could take the sound with just a laptop and our instruments, no fancy high-end studio gears nor the burden of studio fees,” says Masrani.

The band is now gearing up to release their debut EP Seeds of Ether next month. The record will include their already released singles (“Jungle of Love” and “Unhinged”) as well as two more new tracks. “We can’t wait to share it with the world,” says Taraporvala.

Stream “Unhinged” on Spotify below and on other platforms.


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