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Hear Priyanka Nath’s Poignant New Single ‘Stay With You’

The Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter’s latest song is a peaceful sonic offering

David Britto Aug 25, 2021

Guwahati singer-songwriter Priyanka Nath. Photo: @nomorekillsplz

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 Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Priyanka Nath followed her 2020 debut two-track EP Escape with the single “Hypnotize” earlier this year. However, the musician admits that the song performed averagely amongst listeners and that she realized she needed to up her marketing game. Nath says, “I had to make better songs that would stick with people, I had to make better connections with my audience in order for them to understand me and my songs.”

Since then, the artist began penning lyrics, ideas, thoughts and feelings. After reflecting on these scripts, Nath began to question herself as to whether or not what she had was “good enough.” She says, “Unless I write and release songs, I wouldn’t know what’s ‘good enough’ and what’s not.” Now, she’s out with her latest serene single titled “Stay With You.”

The new song stemmed from an argument the singer-songwriter had in which she recalls feeling furious and cutting the call. “The emotions were overwhelming, and I had to deal with them that night before I hit the bed,” she says. That’s when she pulled out a book and began writing. Nath counts herself as someone who doesn’t like to bottle up her emotions. “Songwriting is one of the ways I can relieve myself of my thoughts,” she says.

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“Stay With You” is performed in a conversational nature as Nath sings, “I know you’re still hurting/I know you’re being honest.” The singer tells us that those are words she would say to console someone. However, the singer says, “Although they were written in a state of anger, the lyrics still have some softness to them. They don’t want to hurt anybody, but they want to make the other person feel good; almost as though it were the writer’s way to say sorry to someone.”

The track includes delicate electric guitar plucking, gentle piano work in the background and Nath’s emotive vocals. There’s a definitive sense of evolution to the singer’s voice as she gets better with each release and performance. She says, “It took me about two to three sittings to record the entire song. It gets a little frustrating to record simple songs like these. I get super conscious about the vocals and I end up delaying recording it when it doesn’t work the first time.”

With restrictions eased in Hyderabad, Nath is back to performing live at venues. According to the artist, playing live has boosted her confidence as a musician. “When someone likes what I do at a gig, they tune in to my Instagram and we end up having a quick chat. Or they even show up at my gig, again,” says Nath. She adds, “Confidence is something the gigs have helped me with; be it on stage or confidence in myself.”

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With promotions for “Stay With You” still in full swing, Nath isn’t in a hurry to release anything but does tell us that there is another single in the works. However, she’s still fighting herself on whether it is “good enough.” The singer-songwriter says, “So the main challenge would be to overcome this particular feeling I believe, and moving forward with my work.”

Stream “Stay With You” on Spotify below and on Apple Music.

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