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Hear Producers Ash Roy and 8-Bit Culprit’s Sublime Collab on ‘Triptower’ EP

The three-track techno offering was born out of both artists’ willingness to step outside their comfort zones

Anurag Tagat Sep 17, 2019

Producer-DJs Ash Roy (left) and 8-Bit Culprit have collaborated on 'Triptower' EP. Photo: Courtesy of Soupherb Records

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Ask Berlin-based veteran producer Ash Roy and Kolkata’s seasoned 8-Bit Culprit aka Faraz Ehsan about their new collaborative EP Triptower and they both say it was “meant to be.” Roy – who co-founded Soupherb Records and was previously part of acclaimed electronic music group Jalebee Cartel – also points towards his Kolkata roots to team up with Ehsan. “I’m always proud to see electronic musicians coming out of Kolkata and we are from the same school,” he says.

8-Bit Culprit – whose debut track “Slugger” was out via Soupherb – says it was a complete surprise to be asked by Roy to work on an EP together. Ehsan says, “We were at a gig together and Ash tells me after my set that he’s in India for a couple of months and that we should work on an EP together! This gesture for me was extremely overwhelming as Jalebee Cartel is the reason why I have the courage to do what I want to do.” With work starting in January over the course of a few weeks, the producers both agreed on “experimenting  as much as we can,” as Ehsan puts it.

Roy adds about the three songs, “We have running bass lines, acid synth lines, trippy arpeggiators, melodic stabs and a hint of psychedelics. All in all, one cracker EP.” While the title track opens the account with acid drenched synth, “Basidia” slowly picks up the pace, introducing hypnotic leads. “Synapses” sticks with an intriguing low-end bassline that introduces hectic dancefloor elements.

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Both DJs began testing the tracks out at their sets in June and July, with Roy getting an extraordinary response. He recounts, “When I was in India in June for a short tour I tested them at my gig in Bangalore since we got the masters that day. I was surprised with the response. I’m always shy to drop my tracks but I gathered the courage and dropped these and I remember my brother giving me that look as if, ‘What just happened?’ He is one of my biggest fans and my biggest critic so if he loved it then I think it will be dope.”

While the duo are launching the EP with a joint show at the recently opened venue TopCat in Kolkata this week, there’s also more material planned. Roy adds, “I guess once I’m back to India in December we will plan a tour.”

Ash Roy and 8-Bit Culprit perform at TopCat CCU, Kolkata on September 21st, 2019. Event details here. Stream ‘Triptower’ EP below and here

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