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Hear Pune Singer-Songwriter Aayushi Patil’s New Optimistic Single ‘Rise’

The track features lush acoustic guitar plucking, the musician’s tasteful vocals and more

David Britto Oct 15, 2020

Pune singer-songwriter Aayushi Patil. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Pune singer-songwriter Aayushi Patil began taking music seriously only four years ago, during her early days in college. That adventure took her on a journey of playing gigs around the city as well as writing her debut plaintive single “Tu Hai Yahi,” which she released earlier this year. Now, the musician is out with its follow-up, an acoustic-leaning and hopeful track called “Rise.”

The new song was written at the start of the lockdown in India when Patil felt a sudden shock unable to go to or perform at gigs. “I was at my lowest,” she says. Emerging out of three days of mental anguish, it was out of that experience she penned “Rise.” Patil says, “The main aim was to resonate a feeling of hope and self-belief amongst people.”

“Rise” includes Patil’s emotive guitar plucking, subtle keyboard and bass parts as well as her beautiful vocal arrangements that shine on the track. On what one can take away from the song, the singer-songwriter says, “I hope people listen to this song and feel good about themselves, about how far they have come to date and most importantly, to never lose hope even if you fail a thousand times.” “Rise” was recorded at Pune’s Small Pocket Dreams studio and produced, mixed and mastered by Aniket Patole.

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Patil used the lockdown to up her skills as a singer-songwriter and spent the better half of the last six months writing more songs. She says, “I wrote over 15.” The artist also had the opportunity to share her talent on popular Instagram live sessions by Mumbai guitarist Ehsaan Noorani and singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle’s Late Night ConeVersations series. “These motivated me to do more of music,” says Patil.

New tunes by the musician are definitely on the way. Patil is currently working on a fresh song called “Saath Mere” wherein she explores how people take their mothers for granted and realize that only once they are no more. “The main aim of making music is to make myself happy,” says the singer-songwriter.

Stream “Rise” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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