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Hear Pune Singer-Songwriter Nida Siddiqui’s Breezy New Single ‘Butterflies’

The track follows the musician’s 2019 debut song ‘And I’ll Love’

David Britto Oct 20, 2020

Pune singer-songwriter Nida Siddiqui. Photo: Steve Chinoy

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One of the main reasons Pune singer-songwriter Nida Siddiqui decided to pursue music professionally is because she was inspired by fellow indie artists such as Tejas, Aarifah Rebello and soul/easy listening group Easy Wanderlings. That coupled with her musical upbringing from her parents’ vast taste, playing college events as well as open mic nights in Pune to gigs with her trio, Siddiqui was on the path to be an artist in her own right. “I wanted to help people the way so many artists had helped me,” she says. Last year, the singer-songwriter released her debut single “And I’ll Love” and today dropped her follow-up, the breezy “Butterflies.”

Siddiqui penned an incomplete version of the song last June before she showed it to her bandmate and guitarist Derric D’Souza. For his part, the guitarist had a few ideas that he’d already written a year prior which sat perfectly with Siddiqui’s song. She says, “He added it to ‘Butterflies’ and it just fit.”

According to the singer-songwriter, she was determined to convey the feeling of “butterflies in my tummy” through her lyrics. She says, “Just at the thought of someone and the things you wish you could say to them.” The track is led by groovy acoustic guitar strumming and includes a wholesome solo while Siddiqui’s playful vocals flow seamlessly across the song. “The warmth of the mahogany guitars allowed the vocal layers and harmonies to sit on top of the mix while also giving freedom to the drums and the bass,” explains the musician.

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Siddiqui co-produced “Butterflies” with D’Souza and recorded it at Pune’s Gray Spark Audio. The sessions were engineered by Nitin M Krishna and mixed and mastered by Ronak Runwal.

The artist has gotten plenty of new material under her belt thanks to the lockdown. “I’ve written a lot,” she says. The singer-songwriter even started a social media series called ALOSIA where she shares demos of her unreleased tracks. “The response for it has been very liberating and encouraging,” says the musician. Siddiqui adds, “I’m currently working on their structures so I can take them to the studio very soon.”

Stream “Butterflies” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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