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Hear Chennai/Bengaluru’s RANJ Weave Tamil Electro-Pop on ‘Nee Mattume’

Vocalist, saxophonist, keyboardist and educator, Ranjani Ramadoss is also part of fusion act Kelvikkuri and neo-soul band Paula and the Associates

Anurag Tagat Feb 22, 2021

Chennai/Bengaluru singer, saxophonist, keyboardist and educator Ranjani Ramadoss aka RANJ. Photo: David Clifton Crimson

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On her recent visit to Goa, Chennai-bred, Bengaluru-based artist Ranjani Ramadoss got to play her first gig in nearly a year with neo-soul/R&B act Paula and The Associates as well as guesting in hip-hop/soul artist Lojal’s collective. “The feeling was magical,” the singer, saxophonist and keyboardist says about making her Goa debut, which also included hopping on a set with producer Clifr aka Chlipher Christopher.

A wandering collaborator who plays a major role in Paula and The Associates as well as Bengaluru fusion act Kelvikkuri, Ramadoss also makes music under the moniker RANJ. Collaborations have so far included Clifr as well as Paula and The Associates bandmate and guitarist-producer Issamood aka Samudra Dasgupta (“That Way,” featuring Chennai pop crooner STEVIE and “Last Dance”). Her latest is a chasmic electronic-tinged Tamil song called “Nee Mattume” (“only you”) with Chennai producer and violinist Runa aka Arun Ganapathy. She says, “I work with many multi-instrumentalists, and that really inspires me to make myself better and hear what they hear.”

She leads as a vocalist on all the solo material released so far as RANJ, but adds that it depends on the collaborator and the style of music. “For example, while writing a funky/neo soul song, I can already hear horns and know they would sit well on the track. Other tracks I visualize to be a bit more singer-songwriter-ish, and so I focus on that and tying the vocals to the production. When it feels complete, it’s complete.” Ramadoss and Ganapathy also worked with ace Chennai producer Michael Timothy, who added bass and helmed mix and master duties.  

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Also a vocal teacher at the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts in Bengaluru, Ramadoss believes she’s still “finding confidence” but enjoying the figuring out process of her multiple roles. With more collaborations across “different styles and niches,” the artist promises a whole buffet of music this year, emboldened by her ongoing journey in independent music circles. “The more intimately you can understand music, the more liberating it feels to create,” she says.  

Listen to ‘Nee Mattume’ below. Stream on more platforms here.

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