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Hear Rising Canadian Producer Conro’s Radiant EP ‘Thrill of It’

Electronic music artist Conor Patton talks about the time he was a security guard and backpacking to India years ago

Anurag Tagat Jul 19, 2019

Canadian electronic music producer Conro. Photo: Courtesy of Monstercat

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Even though he makes music for dancefloors, Canadian electronic music producer Conor Patton aka Conro moved to a farm and worked daily chores whilst crafting new tunes. Conro says he “loved every moment” of living the farm life, but you’re more likely to hear energetic material on his new EP Thrill of It.

The producer adds, “I still listened to lots of dance music but was quite far away from anyone or anything that was involved in the scene. I love removing myself at times when I start feeling creatively stuck. [It’s] always a great thing for me to get out and challenge myself where I have no distractions.” This is coming from a producer who was working as a security yard in a dry land boatyard when he started breaking ground in 2012. He recalls the time he made his record label debut with “Axiom,” via electro house label Kindergarten Recordings, “I remember feeling like I was on top of the world, I called my family and friends telling them that I got my first song signed!”

The five-track Thrill of It, released via Vancouver EDM label Monstercat today, shows off Conro’s well-structured tempo builds, starting off with the mostly instrumental “Stars.” One of his most streamed recent songs – “Remember You” – brings in wispy vocals, a dominating beat and can’t-fail guitar and synth elements. There’s funkier, tempered electronic pop on the title track and “All I Want,” plus the bass-driven closing track “Heartbeat” employs morphed vocal hooks. He’s particularly proud of the message behind the title track, which encourages a “things will work out” attitude. Conro adds, “It came from memories of me being broke and not knowing where the next pay-check was coming from. The whole EP is a positive message and want to share my memories and hope others can relate.”

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While several electronic music producers make their way to India throughout the year, Conro says he’s only visited here as a tourist. He recounts, “I backpacked and traveled to India once but not for music, just traveled and loved seeing the culture and eating delicious food.” There’s no offers yet, but Conro says he’s keen to return.

The rest of the year involves the grind that Conro is all too familiar with – touring, clinching radio spots and watching the streams come in. He says, “I’m currently still working around the clock with lots of artists and traveling to play shows and meet other creative people, and loving every minute of it.”

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