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Hear Shubumm Sing About Situationships on Debut EP ‘Compared to Nothing’

The New Delhi singer-songwriter draws from early 2000s pop music and alt-rock on the three-track record

David Britto Aug 05, 2021

New Delhi singer-songwriter Shubham Chawla aka Shubumm. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi singer-songwriter Shubham Chawla aka Shubumm recalls that he’s always been musically inclined since he was in school. However, it was only while in college that he began taking it seriously. He says, “I was actively engaged in the Delhi University music circuit and won several competitive events during my three years of undergraduate studies.” It was around this time that he began writing his own music. With a bunch of singles already under his belt, Chawla has now released his debut three-track EP Compared to Nothing.

In this interview with Rolling Stone India, Chawla talks about the making of the new record, influences, what’s next and more.

When did Compared to Nothing begin to take shape?

In early 2019 the writing process of the songs in the EP began. From then to now, it has gone through so many transitions. It’s been recorded, re-recorded, re-produced, re-mixed. It’s been a long journey. But I’m glad I decided to go through these iterations. The tracks sound better than they ever did and the process itself has been extremely rewarding. These iterations allowed me to experiment and be patient enough to find the perfect pieces for my puzzle. I was releasing singles, while simultaneously working on this EP behind the scenes.

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What can you tell me about the songs on the EP?

Compared to Nothing is a story. It’s a story of modern-day relationships or as young guns call it, situationships. Each one is so different from the other—incomparable. Unique in its own way. ‘Out of Place’ is a very groovy track that speaks about how sometimes people may land up in places they don’t belong to, yet end up finding a silver lining in that situation. ‘Stuck’ is a modern erotic pop song with a punchy bass that sets the tone and the mood. ‘Once More’ is a powerful ballad reminiscing good old days and past mistakes.

The modern sound with hints of inspiration from early 2000s pop makes it fit perfectly into the alternative pop-Rock category. The refreshing vibe of the EP using familiar sounds creates prospects for it to make global noise.

What was the recording process like?

Everything except the drums has been recorded in my home studio setup—the Backyard Studios. Drums for ‘Out of Place’ was recorded by Larry Lobo at Noisy Gates Studio and for ’Once More’ by Barun Sinha at the East Wind Academy. A friend from my college days, Lakshyarth Singh co-produced the EP with me, he also did backing vocals and played the piano on the record. Lakshyarth and I mixed and mastered the whole EP together. He used to come over to my place and we used to spend hours figuring out every tiny detail.

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What plans do you have in terms of promoting the record?

I’m planning an independently organized socially distanced gig to promote the EP. It will be an exclusive launch gig for the release. And if the situation allows, more such gigs will follow. Fingers crossed. There are also definite plans for a music video in the near future. And I’ve got a few merch and stickers in the works that will be out soon too.

Stream ‘Compared to Nothing’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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