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Hear Sia’s Soaring ‘One Million Bullets’

Singer unveils latest single from ‘This Is Acting’

Daniel Kreps Nov 30, 2015
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Sia will release her new album This Is Acting in January, and on Friday the Australian singer unveiled “One Million Bullets,” the latest single off her1000 Forms of Fear follow-up. The atmospheric, expressive track starts off on a hushed tone before unfurling an infectious, soaring chorus that has become a staple of Sia’s work. “One million bullets could come my way / But I want you to know that / I’d take a million, babe / How many would you take,” Sia asks on the chorus.

While This Is Acting‘s first two singles ”“ “Bird Set Free” and “Alive” ”“ were penned with Adele in mind, it’s unclear who “One Million Bullets” was originally destined for. This Is Acting is due out January 29th.

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