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Hear Singer-Songwriter Ashwin Naik’s Piano Aided Single ‘Wait’

The delicate ballad is the Pune-based musician’s debut release

David Britto Jan 19, 2021

Pune-based singer-songwriter Ashwin Naik. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When singer-songwriter Ashwin Naik was growing up in Kozhikode, Kerala, he spent plenty of time learning the keyboard, tabla, Carnatic vocals and even picked up the guitar, drums, flute and clarinet. By the time he turned 15, the multi-instrumentalist began learning music production online. After moving to Pune in 2017 to pursue his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Armed Forces Medical College, Naik found himself performing at open mics around the city. He says, “I was encouraged to release my original music.” Last month, the artist went ahead and did just that with the release of his debut dreamy single “Wait.”

The new track was penned by Naik during the lockdown last year when the feelings of loneliness, longing and frustration were felt universally. The musician says, “Couples were forced to go long-distance, couples who were already in long-distance relationships were pushed further.” According to Naik, he wanted to put forth this theme through the song with lyrics that were simple and emotional. “Wait” opens with a poignant piano hook before we hear Naik’s easy-going vocals accompanied by relaxed acoustic guitar strumming, a tidy groove, deft mandolin parts, a beautiful crescendo and more. Naik recorded the song at his home studio and produced it himself.

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Currently, Naik is in the midst of exams but plans on releasing a five-track EP as well as a Hindi single in the near future. “I want to explore more into an acoustic-Indo-western sort of style incorporating various instruments,” he says. While he admits that juggling medical school with music is tedious, the artist explains that creating songs helps him in releasing stress. He says, “I feel it stimulates both halves of my brain equally.”

Stream “Wait” on Spotify below:

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