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Hear Singer-Songwriter Clynton Fernandes’ Optimistic New Single ‘One Day’

The Goa/Pune artist’s track is a rock anthem

David Britto Aug 24, 2021

Goa/Pune singer-songwriter Clynton Fernandes. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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According to Goa/Pune singer-songwriter Clynton Fernandes, growing up by the coast “injects music into your veins by default.” The artist tells us that he’s been singing since he was 14 in school choirs and at local talent hunts in Goa. He says, “There has been no turning back ever since.” With a number of singles already under his belt, Fernandes is now out with his latest offering, the euphoric “One Day.”

The new track was born after gigs began to be canceled due to the pandemic and all outdoor activities were stopped. “I thought to myself, one day we will be worthy of existence,” says Fernandes. The poignant lyrics poured out of the musician as he reflected on lockdowns across the world. “One Day” bursts with optimism, as a mesh of piano, guitars, drums and Fernandes’ soaring vocals carries this anthem while the musician juxtaposes blues, rock and retro music to create an empathic wall of sound.  

Talking about the recording process, Fernandes says, “It took a really long time to come to fruition, as we had a hard time meeting in the creative process. But somehow the meaning in the song fuelled all musicians to give it their everything.” Next, the singer-songwriter plans to collaborate with other artists and also has a music video for “One Day” releasing soon.

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Stream “One Day” on Spotify below:

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