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Hear Singer-Songwriter Piyush Bhisekar’s Poignant New Song ‘Mujhme Kahi’

The track is the Pune musician’s first release since his 2018 debut EP ‘Hai Bharosa’

David Britto Mar 26, 2020

Pune singer-songwriter Piyush Bhisekar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Pune singer-songwriter Piyush Bhisekar’s mother introduced him to Indian Classical songs and the harmonium as a child, it immediately inspired him to embrace what music had to offer. In 2018, the musician released his debut six-track EP Hai Bharosa which is filled with honest songwriting and runs on the narrative of being in love. The vocalist-guitarist is now back with a new single, the poignant “Mujhme Kahi.”

The new track – which features just Bhisekar’s somber vocals and delicate acoustic guitar strumming – is about going through a painful separation. “You’ve got no choice but to respect the distance, but [you] still want to make the last moments count before your lover leaves,” the musician says.

Bhisekar has also released a video to go with “Mujhme Kahi.” The clip, shot by filmmaker Panchsheel Gaikwad, sees the singer-songwriter performing the track in a quaint forest in Bir, Himachal Pradesh while he was there to perform at music festival Musicathon. He says, “Everything seemed so beautiful and surreal and it inspired us to shoot this song. It wasn’t planned at all and was recorded live.” The artist adds, “I guess it’s the subtle uncertainty which makes everything work every time.”

The musician has more videos he wants to release soon and also in the pipeline to come out this year is a new yet-to-be-titled EP. As the Coronavirus pandemic has also affected the artist community with live shows coming to a halt, Bhisekar says, “The biggest source of income for most of us artists [is playing live]. It’s time for us to help each other out as a community. I urge people to stream or buy music of their favorite indie artists.”

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See the video for “Mujhme Kahi” below:

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