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Hear Snorting Jatts’ Riff Heavy New Single ‘Tabah’ 

The track is the Ludhiana rock band’s first release since their 2018 debut EP ‘Banda Ban Jah’

David Britto Apr 23, 2020

Ludhiana rockers Snorting Jatts. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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If you happened to lend your ears to Ludhiana rockers Snorting Jatts’ 2018 debut four-track EP Banda Ban Jah, you would have come away from it riff happy. It seems that the band – vocalist Tejinder Singh Dhir, guitarist Angad Singh Bahra, bassist Guraaftaab Singh Grewal and drummer Shantanu Kalia – have found a working formula combining their heavy tones and loud drums with catchy melodies and of course stomping riffs. The group’s latest single, the fiery “Tabah,” combines all those forces creating a soaring offering.

Grewal tells us that “Tabah” was born out of a jam session. He says, “We had a rough idea about where the track was going. This song was really easy to come together honestly.”  The new track kicks off with serious riffage by Bahra before Grewal and Kalia add their grooves to the song. With a blistering sonic canvas laid out, Dhir comes in with steely vocals singing about toxic relationships. “It was a situation we wanted to write about,” says Grewal. He adds, “You start living together with someone you have not been dating [for] long enough [and] it starts getting messy for too many reasons.” The musician goes on to say that though things aren’t rosy you stick by each other because of the intimacy involved.

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The band recorded the song at Grewal and Bahra’s Uneven Studios in Ludhiana. While the group self-produced the track, the bassist also mixed and mastered it. He says, “Recording, mixing and mastering your own music is one of the hardest things to get right but I think we managed to get it to where we wanted.”

“Tabah” is also the group’s first single from their yet to be titled debut album which they plan to release later this year. “We had started with the pre-production at the studio before the lockdown,” says Grewal. Ask him how the band is coping in these times of the coronavirus pandemic and he tells us that Snorting Jatts is grateful for having the luxury to self-isolate. The musician adds, “We are on [online game] PUBG and we are good.”

Listen to “Tabah” below and click here to stream the song on Spotify.

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