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Hear Sri’s Energetic New Tune ‘Sau Baar’

The track is the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter’s second release of the year

David Britto Nov 03, 2020

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sri. Photo: Purna Venugopalan

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Earlier this year, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sri dropped his passionate track “Love Date (Lockdown Version).” Soon after that, he completed the peppy “Sau Baar,” which he recently released.

The new track came out of the musician having to part ways in a relationship. He says, “I tried to add humor to that situation and make myself a little less sad.” While the song revolves around the theme of heartbreak, Sri paints a rather positive picture through the song. The artist says, “It has harmless jibes about one’s flaws, not being a Bollywood hero and a funny context.” Sonically there’s a distorted guitar lick that runs across the song as well as Sri’s signature vocal delivery. “It’s a whacky energetic tune,” says the musician.

Sri recorded, mixed and mastered the song at his home studio. He’s also used the pandemic to sharpen his skills as a sound engineer and write more songs. Sri is already planning ahead as he wants to release a Hindi album or EP next year. He says, “I’m just excited, whenever it happens, to share these wonderful Hindi songs of mine that I’ve kept as unheard secrets until now.”

Hear “Sau Baar” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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