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Hear Summergold’s Reflective Debut Single ‘Off’

The song is off the Rajkot band’s forthcoming EP Ephemeral Voices

David Britto Nov 09, 2021

Rajkot-based indie-folk duo Summergold. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For the last few months, Rajkot-based musicians Parth Patadiya and Harshvardhan Gadhvi have gotten together to write plenty of new music. The pair have now formed their indie-folk outfit Summergold and recently released the outfit’s pensive debut single “Off,” from their upcoming EP Ephemeral Voices.  In this interview Patadiya talks to us about the band’s new song, what’s to expect from the EP and more. Read Excerpts:

When did you begin writing your own material as Summergold?

We started writing together for a very long time. Yet I am focusing more on writing experimental things metaphysically and with philosophical theories into the simple form of melodies.

What can you tell me about the debut single “Off”?

‘Off’ is the struggle of life from one’s point of view. It leads you to nowhere but the tragic end. Somehow life on earth is evil, evil is the interruption of a truth by the pressure of particular or individual interests and somehow we all have our shadow side.

What’s the EP going to be like and when will it be released?

Our EP Ephemeral Voices revolves around the basic emotions of human nature. The songs are the elements that create a whole new universe inside you and motivate you to meet yourself for a moment, to love yourself for a moment, to hate yourself for a moment, to know yourself for a moment. Which makes you real. There are five songs including ‘Off’ on the EP. Hopefully, It will be released at the end of this December.

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Where did you record the music?

We recorded all vocals tracks and guitars at Harshvardhan’s home studio. Harshvardhan and I produced it virtually together.

Stream “Off” below:

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