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Hear Vocalist Lexi Mariah’s Latest Indie-Pop Single ‘Waterfall’

The U.S.-based artist released the track at the end of 2020

David Britto Jan 27, 2021

Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Lexi Mariah. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After releasing her pop track “Sourpatch” last year, Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Lexi Mariah spent plenty of time writing new material while breaking out of her comfort zone experimenting with different styles of music. She says, “It’s made me even more excited for what’s to come this year.”

Last month, Mariah dropped her latest anthemic single “Waterfall.” The artist tells us that work on the new track began in May 2020 when she was still putting the finishing touches to “Sourpatch.” When her producers, Josh Frank and Joe Frank, sent her an instrumental for the new song with just drums, synth and bass, the singer-songwriter vibed with it and says, “For some reason it made me imagine flowing water every time I listened to it.”

“Waterfall” includes bits of electro-pop and indie-rock elements as well as a groovy beat and Mariah’s effervescent vocals. According to her, the song was penned at a time when she was feeling low and she used the creative process to vent. Mariah says, “I felt that it was the right time to be a little more vulnerable and show how I’ve truly been feeling.” She adds, “Being an independent female artist who’s still breaking into the music industry, it comes with a lot of negativity and obstacles to face.”

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Mariah also touches upon how social media has made people a lot more negative in the comments section. “There are days where the negative comments online, on top of everything going on in real life, can be difficult to handle,” she says. The singer-songwriter likened how that feeling can be compared to being under a waterfall. The musician says, “You keep getting knocked down and are having a hard time getting back on your feet. My goal was to create something uplifting and motivational that my audience can listen to when they’re going through a tough time.”

The musician recorded her vocals at her home studio which she explains was a completely new challenge for her. “I loved every minute of it,” says Mariah. “Waterfall” was mixed and mastered by Josh Frank.  

Mariah’s plan for 2021 is to release as many singles as she can. The singer-songwriter has already begun work on her next track. The musician also wants to put out an EP too. She says, “I’ll also be performing live again as soon as it’s safe to do so. It’s so hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I’ve been on a stage.”

Stream “Waterfall” below:

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