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Hear Zanuski’s Vibrant New Electronica EP ‘Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2’

The record has been released via Mumbai-based label Noosphere

David Britto Sep 09, 2020

Mumbai producer Zanuski. Photo: Tanya Agarwal

Last year, Mumbai producer Zahaan Khan aka Zanuski dropped two EPs, the three-track Dear Oceanfire and the five-song offering Free Flow Mon Ami, Vol 1. At the start of 2020, Zanuski released the relaxing piano aided single “Accumulate” and recently followed that up by putting out his latest five-track record Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2 via Mumbai label Noosphere. On being able to release music quickly, he says, “Music is an art form and if my ‘brush strokes’ get me closer to my desired vision, I’m not one to ponder over or second guess them. The Free Flow Mon Ami Volumes represent this philosophy.”

The new EP builds from Free Flow Mon Ami, Vol 1 and Zanuski explains that both records take their title from the apartment he moved into with his girlfriend and cats two years ago. “I wanted to commemorate this new chapter of independence by creating something in this space,” he says. The electronica laced Vol 2 is filled with vibrancy (“Here We Are & Now We Are Gone,” “Noosefraba”) and lots of experimentation (“Mantra For The High & Dry,” “Swinging Axe Pendulum Party (For One),” “Cloud A2”). “I use one specific sound source to create most sounds. This ensures that the collective creations are at the very least sandboxed, unified, and not haphazard. Much is revealed to me about the direction of each specific track as I chip away toward its completion,” says Zanuski.

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Once Zanuski has identified a basic idea for a song, a narrative around the music is built organically and naturally, which is represented via the names of the tracks. He says, “For instance, ‘Swinging Axe Pendulum Party For One’ speaks to acknowledging my own patterns of negativity and the spirals that may ensue.”

Now that Vol 2 is completed, the producer has no intention to slow down. Zanuski is planning on releasing an intimate acoustic track and is even working on a post-classical electronic instrumental piece called “Reconnect” which deals with mental health, overcoming depression and the importance of reaching out for “growth and resolve.” Due to the pandemic, Zanuski says, “I also have fewer excuses to not work on my personal music.”

Stream ‘Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2′ on Spotify below and on other platforms


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