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Heather LaRose Reflects on The Color of Her Love with New Single ‘baby blue’

The track is a follow-up to the American artist’s highly successful 2021 track ‘2 Young 2 Die’

David Britto Aug 10, 2021

American singer-songwriter Heather LaRose. Photo: @ohcanario

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For as long as she can remember, American singer-songwriter Heather LaRose tells us she’s been in love with music. While growing up in New York, the artist recalls how Manhattan was only a quick train ride away, where she was able to soak in a lot of inspiration. She says, “I would get lost in my daydreams of traveling to cities all over the world performing.” LaRose admits that while she was in school, she got bullied quite a bit and had a rough time. “It got to the point where it was so bad that my parents finally let me audition for music school so I could be around people who got me,” she says.

It was at music school where LaRose began finding herself and started working on material with producers and other artists and released singles as well as her 2015 EP Beachside. “I keep them up because they’re a time capsule of who I am and what I’ve been through. I feel like with every release I become more of my authentic self,” says the singer. Now based in Los Angeles, LaRose recently dropped her latest breezy track titled “baby blue,” which follows this year’s “2 Young 2 Die” that has garnered over 300,000 streams on Spotify.

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According to LaRose, she’s had the inkling to write a song like “baby blue” for years. After she heard Taylor Swift’s “Red,” the singer-songwriter reflected on what color her love was. She says, “Since I have been through a few heartaches I knew in my bones it was a shade of light blue.” La Rose adds, “I just didn’t have the full experiences to articulate it until finishing the lyrics this summer.” The musician began thinking about her past relationships and searching for a common theme with them. She says, “I tried to describe what it’s like to feel ‘baby blue.’ It needed to be a shade of blue with a softness to it because we learn a lot through a broken heart.”

With LaRose residing out in California, she captures the sound of the state with west coast inspired drum parts, a breezy vocal delivery, lush production as well as nostalgic lyrics. “I really think that this whole song allows you to experience Los Angeles heartbreak,” she says. The singer-songwriter worked with L.A. producer duo Joel Ferber and Elliot Sorgen at their home studio.

Recently, LaRose has also been able to get back on stage to play shows. Ask her what the COVID-19 situation is like in Los Angeles? She says, “Los Angeles has been very up and down with navigating its response to COVID-19.” LaRose adds, “The show I just had was such a great reintroduction to live music.” With another gig booked in Brooklyn in October, LaRose’s priority is to make sure things are safe for folks attending as well as the musicians in her band and staff members at the clubs she plays. “I would very much like to be back to touring as many cities as soon possible,” she says.

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While in quarantine, LaRose has been working on plenty of new music and already has an EP’s worth of material that’s been mixed and mastered. “One of my favorite parts of songwriting is figuring out how the storylines of each song tangles into the next to create a larger narrative,” says the artist. At the moment, the singer-songwriter is sitting on multiple EP ideas and is also working on merch and video content while “connecting with fans differently than we have been the past two years.”

Stream “baby blue” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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