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#HeyMrDJ – January Picks featuring John Dahlbäck, Satin Jackets, Borgore and More

Casting a spotlight on the notable, up-and-coming DJs and producers and the hot tracks and remixes that kept us moving and grooving each month

Amit Vaidya Jan 05, 2022

(from left to right) Borgore, John Dahlbäck and Satin Jackets. Photos: Courtesy of the artists (Borgore, Dahlbäck), Øystein Haara (Satin Jackets)

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“Don’t Worry” – Satin Jackets

Winter may just be getting started but Satin Jacket’s latest single “Don’t Worry” heats things up! Partly a dedication to Daft Punk, the track is a fitting tribute, sunny synths and all. Without doubt the musician has been on a seemingly endless winning streak (yet again featuring in my year-end chart last year). This may have released at the tale-end of 2021, but this will keep us moving well into this year’s summertime.  

“River” (James Patterson Remix) – The Knocks, Parson James

While I’m always a big fan of The Knocks remixing other folk’s tracks, it’s equally a joy to hear their tracks get the remix treatment. Here, with Parson James on vocals, the moody remix by James Patterson (one half of The Knocks themselves) works because it helps move the late summer single right into the chilly nights of the winter. “River” was already a step forward in The Knocks discography and this remix just reaffirms that truth.

“This Was My House” (YSKWN! Remix) – Bright Light Bright Light, Niki Haris, Donna De Lory, Initial Talk

“This Was My House” has seemingly been around since the spring of 2000 but the disco-pop got a stellar remix from YSKWN!, reviving the joy when we first heard the single from New York DJ Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light). Without background vocals provided by Madonna’s backup singers Niki Haris and Donna De Lory, this is a mix that gets us moving again like we’re back in the Nineties!

“Running” (Extended Mix) – Anyma, Meg Myers

So there have been umpteenth mixes of Kate Bush’s classic “Running Up That Hill” but here Anyma, the creative concept by Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, gives us a euphoric mix with vocals by Meg Myers that feels less a remake and more like an inspiration that literally makes us feel like running straight to the middle of the dancefloor and enjoy the trance.

“Squid Game (Let’s Play)” – Alok

Well, this shouldn’t come as any surprise that the most watched streamed show on Netflix of 2021 gets its theme song remixed. The Brazilian dance music king does “Squid Game (Let’s Play)” justice by incorporating just the right level of his magic into the song, making the already chilling theme feel even more anxiety-inducing and well, what club around the world isn’t going to lose it when this plays, like really?

“Your Body” – DLMT, Famba, Kyra Mastro

Since his breakthrough hit in 2019 with “So Cold,” DLMT has been on a hot streak. “Your Body” continues his mastery of combining sweet melodies with that hard bass that in a short time has become a signature sound for the talent. Here, with Famba and Kyra Mastro, the song soars, this is what house music is all about. In a dream world, this would even cross over from dance radio to mainstream.

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“It’s Over Now” – Promise Land

Italian DJs Promise Land are back with “It’s Over Now.” The song focuses on a memorable line from Deborah Cox’s classic single of the same name to create an anthemic club track that feels nostalgic while at the same time very current. Just try not moving to the groove on this! They’ve done diva Cox justice with this banger. 

“Shadows” – Borgore, Ivan Reich, Jonathan

Tel Aviv-born, LA-based bass music producer extraordinaire Borgore creates really something unique with “Shadows” alongside Ivan Reich and Jonathon. Moving away from his traditional dubstep origins, the talent calls this genre-busting style “Slaughterhouse” and well, that just might be the perfect genre name for this – there’s just nothing else like this out there right now at the moment.

“Single Time” – Mirko Di Florio, Dennis Beutler

Mirko Di Florio and Dennis Beutler collaborate for the third time, and it’s a charmer! With rolling basslines, warm synths and emotive vocals, the house hit feels club-ready. Instantly catchy with percussions that don’t quit, “Single Time” is the highlight of the two DJs coming together and we’re there for it!

“Flatspot” – Twolegs

Danish producer Torben Hansen aka Twolegs serves us deep house just how we like it with “Flatspot.” The track has a throwback element to the production taking us back to the Basement Boys but the mood is oh-so-current, making us feel alive and present right here, right now in 2022.

“Silence” (Ando Loki Remix) – Like Mike, Lil Baby

Turning “Silence” by Like Mike and Lil Baby into a disco-house bop might have been an improbable task but in the hands of remixer/producer Ando Loki – it works. In fact, Loki injects a buildup that the original lacks turning the track into an actual banger. If Imanbek could get SAINt JHN a Top 10 hit with “Roses,” why couldn’t this track cross over and out-chart the original?

“Beautiful Liar” – Miles & Miles, TwoWorldsApart, Sukie

When I saw the title I was worried this would be a cover of the underwhelming Beyoncé and Shakira collaboration. Thankfully, this is a whole new “Beautiful Liar” and it is hypnotic. With superb vocals from Sukie, the track by German producers Miles & Miles and TwoWorldsApart is the kind of lyrical club tracks we usually only hear from Kaskade. This deserves to be a huge success at the clubs and on dance radio. 

“Breathe Me In” (Extended Mix) – VIVID, JEN

Japan’s most celebrated international DJ Vivid teams up with Swedish singer-songwriter Jen here for the mesmerizing “Breathe Me In,” a grand production that is the quintessential club hit waiting to happen. Part future, part tribal, but all house, this is one track that is likely to keep us dancing throughout the festivals this year. 

“All Of You” (Extended Mix) – Ken Kelly, James Wyler, Izzy Salinel

Brooklyn-based Ken Kelly creates a deep tech marvel here with “All Of You” with James Wyler. Izzy Salinel lends her soulful vocals to the cut and the track works best because of its minimalism that highlights the intricate details infused to make the song soar. There’s even what feels like a nod to house legend Joe T Vannelli in there. I often talk about songs that make you wanna drive (because you can drive faster than you can dance), and this is one of them!

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“Sustainable Sources” (Arkady Antsyrev Remix) – Jochem Hamerling

With an introduction that almost took me back to “Earth Song” and Hani’s glorious remix, Arkady Antsyrev takes “Sustainable Sources” by Jochem Hamerling to an even more magical place. The atmospheric house track is signature Antsyrev and it was a smart move on Hamerling’s part to release the single with the remix, because there’s no doubt this mix is the winner.   

“The Darkness” – John Dahlbäck

Swedish house producer and DJ returns with “The Darkness,” a gloomy but incredibly melodious late-night, early morning anthem that is likely going to quickly make it on Pete Tong’s Essential Playlist. The track gets your heart instantly racing alongside the beat, making for the ultimate festival banger guaranteed to get everyone in a simultaneous trance. 

“FNK” – DJ Vartan, Techcrasher

Russian DJ and producer DJ Vartan returns with Techcrasher for another retro jam “FNK” that gets you moving from the very first second. While Freemasons are nowhere to be found, it’s great having DJ Vartan offer a slice of nostalgia that keeps us motivated, moving and well, feeling hopeful again.

“See The Stars” (Come Closer Remix) – Nolan, Luke Brancaccio

Electronic trip-house is how you can best explain this track by Nolan and Luke Brancaccio. But when remixed by Russian Mike Spirit aka Come Closer, “See The Stars” becomes an even more haunting production. With throbbing synths and dreamy percussions, the record feels spacey in all the right ways, making you want to fly, not dance when the beat drops.

“Saturday” (Michael Gray Remix) – Risqué Connection

Getting British DJ and producer Michael Gray to put his own spin on Risqué Connection’s version of Edwards/Rogers classic hit “Saturday” is genius. The remix is the perfect way to get things started or to keep it going from Friday night into Saturday! Gray doesn’t overdo it and the bassline keeps the disco-funk party feeling alive throughout. It doesn’t get more fun than this!

“The Dress Code” – Herbie Hatchback, LX Siegers

Dutch DJ Herbie Hatchback’s “The Dress Code” with LX Siegers is the kind of song that you wonder if it’s just a timeless production of yesteryear or actually something modern. It doesn’t actually matter when it’s so fun. Sometimes the most memorable tracks happen to be the ones that create their own vibe – this does that!

Listen to all the tracks featured in our Spotify playlist below.

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