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Hits Of Tomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Fitz And The Tantrums to Benjamin Ingrosso to Joji to Sebastian Yatra and many more

Amit Vaidya Jun 11, 2022

We’re just about halfway through the year and we’ve seen the over the return of BTS and their likely next number one single “Yet To Come.” The single isn’t the only monster new track this week, as we also see the return of Halsey with the infectious “So Good,” while Lizzo previews her upcoming “Special” album with the fabulous “Grrrls.” The first look of Demi Lovato’s rock avatar with “Skin Of My Teeth” also drops. While all these singles will make good headway at streaming and on the charts, here are this week’s HITS OF TOMORROW – tracks that deserve that extra little push to get the recognition they deserve!

“SWAY” – Fitz And The Tantrums

Let’s just say the summer single of 2022 has arrived. Fitz And The Tantrums have been fairly consistent at giving us bops over the years but this year, “Sway” just gets that magic formula oh so right. You can’t help but move along to the Doo-Wop-tinged track that should find its way onto every summer playlist and hopefully that means not just on indie streaming playlists but Top 40 radio too. Hoping for a quick push but I have a feeling this feel good summer track is one that’s going to be with us for many summers to come. 

“DANCING ON A SUNNY DAY” – Benjamin Ingrosso

Summer vibes continue with Benjamin Ingrosso’s latest titled “Dancing On A Sunny Day,” which instantly takes you to the roof down on the convertible driving down the coastal highway. The Swedish singer has been known in the past for his EDM collabs but this track gives the artist a chance to enter the big leagues as a bonafide solo artist ready to take on the global Top 40 arena and we’re ready for it!

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If the brightness of the first two tracks this week feels like too much or too soon this summer, Joji gives us a melancholic anthem for the ages with “Glimpse Of Us,” the artist’s first single in nearly two years. While Joji often take his music and performances way too seriously, here it works in his favour because the production is simple, his vocals are emotional yet approachable and the lyrics provide a depth that make the song feel less theatrical and more honest. The song deserves a push on mainstream platforms as we seldom get tracks that are so raw and genuine (especially from the male perspective) these days.

“TV” – Sebastian Yatra

After his smash success album “Dharma,” Sebastian Yatra is back with the new single “TV,” a wonderful track that gets an even better music video depicting the love story between two dogs who fall in love on the big screen. The singer has been riding high since his “Encanto” performance at the Oscars earlier this year all the while traveling with his global tour. The single adds further fuel to the claim that Yatra is the real superstar that will break through on his own terms, taking his genre-bending style to Top 40 without guest rappers, English lyrics or anything else. He’s a universal hitmaker and “TV” is the perfect example of his brilliance.

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“BRANNER”– Kim Cesarion

Another Swede returns but this time, he’s turning the tables. While Benjamin Ingrosso released his latest single in English, Kim Cesarion releases his latest single in his native Swedish. “Branner” deserves to be a hit in any language and likewise Cesarion has spent far too many years below the radar despite his immense talent. His debut album “Undressed” from 2013 is still on my roster and with good reason. Here’s hoping this track will give Cesarion the support and the push needed to breakthrough and here’s hoping an English album makes it way to us, ‘cause this track is fire!

“THE FALL” – The Chainsmokers, Ship Wrek

It may seem a little odd to have a single by The Chainsmokers in the HITS OF TOMMOROW column but oh what a difference a few years and a handful of dismal tracks can make. The duo attempted to project maturity with their fourth album So Far So Good, but while the music itself wasn’t bad, the results have been commercially disappointing and there’s not been a memorable track that has sustained lasting impact. That ideally should change as they release the deluxe edition of the album with this new single “The Fall” featuring another duo Ship Wrek. The single is exciting and everything we loved about the duo. If marketed right, this could be a true welcome return to form for the hitmakers.

On the cusp!

“ON THE GROUND” – Grace Ives

“DIVA” – Princess Nokia


“HANNAH MONTANA” – flowerovlove

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