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Hits Of Tomorrow – A Weekly Rundown Of The “Should-Be” Hits

From The Boyz to Sam Fischer to Chloe to Aya Nakamura and many more.

Amit Vaidya Jun 19, 2022

After the somewhat expected announcement (but still very exciting) about Beyoncé’s first album dropping since “Lemonade” later this summer (and it featuring country and dance tracks!), we got an even more unexpected announcement and album drop from Drake! The Canadian rapper’s seventh album “Honestly, Nevermind” is quite different from the rest of his catalogue thus far as the album infuses R&B soul with electronica and house. Will it set ablaze on the charts? Likely but without any features on any tracks besides the album closer (with 21 Savage), will be interesting to see if the artist continues his dominating streak on the charts. While Drake is likely assured at least a #1 opening on the albums chart this week, here are this week’s hot single releases deserving a nudge, this week’s Hits Of Tomorrow.


I feel like a broken record as each week there seems to be more and more of an argument for K-pop filling the void that Top 40 so ridiculously lacks – youth and energy. The Boyz’s serve up a global smash with “Sweet” – a track that’s as good as anything BTS ever released and as they enjoy their band hiatus, perhaps these guys can take over! Sugary perfection for the summer.

ALL MY LOVING – Sam Fischer

Bubbling under for a bit too long in my opinion, Sam Fischer’s “All My Loving” is the perfect pop song for the moment. The euphoric track is both sincere and soulful as the singer powerfully engages in self-reflection, telling himself that he can do better. Co-written and produced by pop mainstay Steve Mac, there is no reason this big song can’t be huge on the global charts. Soar!

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The evolution of Chloe continues as she releases the follow-up to the sleeper hit “Have Mercy” and the underperforming but far superior single “Treat Me”. “Surprise” is truly that – a surprise. While sex is still front and center on the young artist’s menu, this is a slowed-down R&B jam that Queen B, Beyoncé herself recommended to the singer as her next single (Chloe shared this with the world on Instagram). The single is mature, sensual and gives us hope that as the singer continues to prove a provocateur, she’s got the chops to back it up.

MECHANTE – Aya Nakamura

French-Malian pop goddess Aya Nakamura is back with a summer jam that will likely explode across French-speaking territories but it’s a shame because the single has great crossover potential (much like the majority of her singles) and as Top 40 expands to incorporate a more global audience, it would really be a treat to have “Mechante” featured and played between BTS, Doja Cat and Harry Styles.

WATAWI – Ckay, Focalistic, Davido, Abidoza

Afrobeat mainstay Ckay is back, this time collaborating with fellow Nigerian Davido alongside South African artists Focalistic and Abidoza on “Watawi”, an EMO-Afrobeat banger if there was one. The single instantly creates a vibe that makes the music coming out of Africa so exciting at the moment. While Ckay has already seen global mainstream success, it’s wonderful to see him expand his range and bring along fellow artists to the bigger stage and show us all how it’s done, and done right.

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DEEP DOWN – Alok, Ella Eyre, Kenny Dope, Never Dull

What do you get when you infuse two of the 90’s most iconic house/pop smashes? Well you get an instant 2022 nostalgia-fueled classic. DJ Alok steps in alongside singer Ella Eyre with new lyrics to The Bucketheads’ (aka Kenny Dope) “The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)” (which sampled the 1979 Chicago single “Street Player”) while the iconic synth part from Crystal Water’s “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” loops on. The instrumental already became a smash earlier this year for Never Dull and it was a brilliant move for the track to be re-released as a radio friendly single – a summer jam that will keep everyone moving!

On The Cusp!

WONDERFUL LIFE – Two Door Cinema Club

NOBODY – Bryce Vine



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