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Hits Of Tomorrow – A Weekly Rundown Of The “Should-Be” Hits

Listen to tracks that are destined to perk you up, from across the likes of Emiway Bantai to Cardi B

Amit Vaidya Jul 02, 2022

We’re halfway through the year and as we start the seventh month, July treats us with the latest single from Cardi B and the first solo release from BTS member J-Hope following the band’s announcement of an official hiatus. Cardi’s “Hot Shit” features Lil Durk and Ye, and the single is likely another smash for the rapper. While J-Hope’s “More” is likely to also ascend to the top of the charts, there are numerous other tracks and singles this week that deserve our attention. Without further ado, here is this week’s Hits of Tomorrow. 

“Hard Out Here” – RAYE

RAYE has been a favorite of mine for years and the artist finally breaks free of label confines and releases her first solo single as an independent artist with “Hard Out Here”. While the single is unlike any of  her previous releases, in that it is not intentionally designed for topping the charts, it pours out the singer’s journey and we can feel the anger and the control she now feels. For fans, it will be cathartic and for those new on the RAYE train, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by how hard she is on the track — and truly, now that the floodgates have opened for her, the hits are boundless. 

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“Love You When You’re Gone” – Daya

The ’80s continue to dominate pop in 2022, and Daya gets the sound and the feelings of that era spot on with her first new single of the year “Love You When You’re Gone.” After her stellar stand-alone single “Bad Girl” last year, the singer is on a creative roll that deserves far more attention than it has been getting. Perfect for the summer playlist and blasting out of the car stereo. Hit!

“Paradise (will hyde Remix)” – Sarah Proctor, will hyde

British singer-songwriter Sarah Proctor gets aided by Aussie will hyde on the remix of her beautiful single “Paradise.” While the original was already noteworthy, the blending of the two singers adds an additional layer of emotional depth that hopefully will be what the track needs to ascend from the occasional summer playlist to the top of the global charts, a place it deserves to find itself.  It’s haunting.

“Make Me Wanna” – Emotional Oranges

With their new project “The Juice Vol. III” on its way, we enter the new era of Emotional Oranges with the catchy af single “Make Me Wanna”. No, this isn’t a cover of the Usher classic – this is a throwback single that sounds like an old-school Timbaland production, albeit updated for 2022. With a heartfelt lyrical message, the track is a strong outing for the super-talented band. Summer just got a lot cooler.

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“Jhootha” – Celina Sharma, Emiway Bantai

After Bambi Bans slayed it a couple of months ago with “Mistake,” Celina Sharma does the same thing with “Jhootha.” The single is a true hybrid hit and with the inclusion of Emiway Bantai, the song hopefully will have an even greater chance of reaching crossover success. There is no reason the single should only chart on the Asian charts as it has everything a Global Top 40 smash includes. Here’s hoping Sharma’s single gets the attention it deserves. 

Even More Hits!

Universe – GuiltyBeatz, Mr Hudson, Twitch 4EVA

Other Side Of Love – Karen Harding

H8 Me 2 – Miya Miya

Told You So – SUPER-Hi

Xpensive – Karl Benjamin

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