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Hits of Tomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Noah Cyrus to Mark Ronson to Bazzi to UMI to Shygirl and many more

Amit Vaidya May 13, 2022
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So this week is all about Kendrick Lamar. Ever since he dropped the music video for “The Heart Part 5,” the hype has been super high for his latest album and it’s yet another winner through and through. Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is everything we expect from a Lamar album, and it is likely there is going to be a string of hit singles from the album too. On initial listen, there’s a strong possibility that “Father Time,” featuring Sampha, is going to be my favorite. Beyond Lamar, Post Malone returns and this time with Roddy Rich on “Cooped Up.” Have no doubt; this is a slam dunk and a no brainer for #1 this summer.

In addition to these exciting releases, here’s this week’s #HITSOFTOMORROW of singles we hope don’t get lost amidst all the big releases this week.

“MR. PERCOCET” – Noah Cyrus

After what seems like forever, Noah Cyrus is finally geared up to release her debut feature-length album The Hardest Part in July. Leading up to that, the artist has premiered the single “Mr. Percocet,” which is quite possibly the perfect vehicle for the alt-indie-pop artist to launch into the mainstream. The singer doesn’t shy away from detailing a toxic relationship, and the song comes at a time when substance abuse and overdosing are commonplace. It blends a relevant theme with the right sonic touch to make it a viable crossover hit, one thing we’ve been waiting for the younger Cyrus sibling to rightfully achieve!

“TOO MUCH” – Mark Ronson, Lucky Daye

Mark Ronson and Lucky Daye you say? It’s our lucky day! While it actually doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch for the two artists to work together, it still feels like a genuine surprise perhaps because Daye has been so consistently good but lacks the mainstream success he so rightfully should already have, and Ronson seems to only strike it big when he features artists that are big draws. But “Too Much” works oh-so-well perhaps because it doesn’t seem obvious and we get that Ronson magic alongside Daye’s smooth vocals. I really hope this makes a dent on the charts – it’s a genuine smash record. 

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The title of Bazzi’s latest single may be a question that’s personal to the artist. The “Mine” singer has tried several times to capture success again after his breakout single. He managed to make a dent with “Beautiful” in 2018 featuring Camila Cabello but it’s likely “Will It Ever Be The Same?” may finally get him back to the upper echelons of global charts. The track builds beautifully and between Bazzi’s vocals and the lyrical honesty, there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t find a long-term home in the Top 40 this summer. Welcome back, Bazzi!


Seattle-native UMI is serving up some laidback neo-soul with a bit of a twist with “Moonlit Room.” At a time when so many young R&B artists are trying to be hip to the current mold, it’s a refreshing reminder that sometimes a beautifully penned song performed straight can also lead to a freshness and authenticity. It may feel like a stretch for the track to get played anywhere but Adult R&B, but there’s more to it than you think. If Top 40 could find room for Alicia Keys and India Arie back in the day, why can’t they find room today for UMI?

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“IFTK” – Tion Wayne, La Roux

It seems like the aughts continue to offer a splash of more recent nostalgia making way for some splendid hip-hop. This time, we have La Roux who actually get a feature credit and appear in the music video for Tion Wayne’s “IFTK,” an abbreviated title for La Roux’s original “In For The Kill” from 2009. The sample works brilliantly over Wayne’s gritty rhymes and once again shows us how melodies from any genre can find acceptance and a whole new audience if put together again inventively.

“FIREFLY” – Shygirl

Brit newcomer Shygirl has already managed to collaborate with heavyweights like FKA Twigs, but with her upcoming debut album slated for release this September, she’s getting us moving fast. “Firefly” is a pulsating release by the young talent, and there is no reason why the track can’t cross over from the dancefloor to the car radio as it has just the right touch to make you reminisce about the good ol’ days when Top 40 actually played a variety of styles, artists and no one batted an eye!

On the cusp!

“MORE LIFE” – 23


“HEATWAVE” – Jake Whiskin

“WAVES” –Kidswaste

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