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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

Featuring new music from Hojean, Daniel Blume and Art School Girlfriend

Amit Vaidya Jan 03, 2022

U.K. artist Art School Girlfriend. Photo: Daisy Walker

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The last couple of weeks of December always tend to be a little less crowded with big releases but still amongst the many lackluster songs to be released, there have been a few notable big releases including the Alesso and Katy Perry single “When I’m Gone,” which perhaps could finally be the much-needed boost both artists needed to achieve a big Top 40 hit again. Ditto for Flo Rida, who comes back with the single “Wait,” which updates the rapper’s sound with a nod to “Please Mr. Postman” in the process.

Meanwhile, here are the new releases of the past two weeks that deserve to be the first hits of 2022!

“Diamonds” – Kamrin Houser

While the TikTok world may know the rapper for his new romance with a reality star-turned-influencer, the rest of us are fortunately getting to know Kamrin Houser here with “Diamonds.” The rap-pop artist follows in the footsteps of such contemporaries like iann dior and Lil Nas X. There is literally no reason for this song not to break through at Top 40 radio as it’s catchy and Houser is perfectly emotive. Sometimes a winning formula just works.

“Better” – Daniel Blume

Dublin-born, London-based Daniel Blume has already been making waves for some time with his creative productions. “Better” is a great step for the young artist towards great solo success. The single is an empowering banger and works especially well because the lyrics and his vocals emote exactly what’s intended. The song is likely to get enjoyed as much at the clubs as on the radio and that’s exactly where it belongs!

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“Skylight” – Gabrielle Aplin

Consistently underrated, Gabrielle Aplin released “Skylight” at the perfect time. The moody single is classic Aplin, emotionally vulnerable and vocally exquisite. Aplin has always been a great storyteller but here, she’s able to project a distinct warmth that makes the song feel more soulful in its delivery, making for an unexpected sonic change. Love this direction.

“We Got Time” – Hojean

Korean-American singer-songwriter Hojean is doing things his own way and it works big time. The artist isn’t chasing a specific sound or looking to fall into any specific genre. With “We Got Time,” while the single leans more R&B, there is a grandness to his self-productions that make the songs feel more Top 40-ready and frankly, they should be. This is what we want to hear on the radio!

“I Would Die 4 U” – Art School Girlfriend

Rarely is there room for a cover song to make this list but when an inventive cover of a classic Prince song gets such an impressive remake, you just have to bow down. “I Would Die 4 U” by Art School Girlfriend (aka singer-producer Polly Mackey) works because it pays homage to the original by being just as dreamy and refreshing. This is screaming for inclusion in just about every cool AF indie film trailer!

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On the cusp…here are three more new releases we hope to see go far!

“Addicted” – Nikonn

“Bad At Parties” – Helena Mayer

“Go Mode” – Kid Ink, ISM

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