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#HitsOfTomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the “Should-Be” Hits

We have SBTRKT returning and collabs that feature the likes of Anderson .Paak in this week’s list

Amit Vaidya Jul 30, 2022

Beyoncé is back! After Drake, the singer is ready to get us all moving on the dance floor. While “Renaissance” is already slated to top the charts in the coming weeks and its first single “Break My Soul” is already a Top 10 smash across the globe, the album has plenty of hits likely to keep us going through the rest of the year. The week also features another dance/hip-hop collab in the form of Fred again and Swedish House Mafia with rapper Future coming together on “Turn On The Lights Again.” Meanwhile NAV, Travis Scott and Lil Baby have come together on “Never Sleep,” a single likely to top the charts even at Top 40 very quickly. While these are the bigger releases, there are several noteworthy other launches this week. Without further ado, here are this week’s Hits of Tomorrow – the should-be hits that deserve that little extra nudge.

“Coast” – Hailee Steinfeld, Anderson .Paak

Actress Hailee Steinfeld has been continually underrated over the course of her career as a singer thus far, and here’s hoping that changes with “Coast”, her smooth and summery-as-ever single featuring the great Anderson .Paak. While the artist has had high charting singles, none have been as instantly memorable as this. It’s a fantastic single and this better coast its way to the top of the charts. Her best single to date.

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“Lift Off” – Labrinth

While Labrinth has seen an immense spurt in his popularity thanks to the “Euphoria” soundtrack, he returns to his Top 40 roots with his new single “Lift Off,” a smash that blasts off from the get-go! With a Talk Talk “It’s My Life”-like bounce, the single is fun, funky and what we used to love from the singer who gave us such gems as “Let The Sun Shine” and “Earthquake” more than a decade ago. Welcome back!

“Ballroom Extravaganza” – DPR IAN

Korean-Australian singer DPR IAN’s “Ballroom Extravaganza” is the perfect introductory single any artist would dream of before releasing a debut album. While the record Moodswings In To Order should hopefully cement the fact that a global star is born, this single is likely to find many fans since it is haunting, mature and, most importantly, ridiculously catchy. A universal smash!

IDK SH!T – Jordyq

Catchy AF, “IDK SH!T” is hopefully the single that catapults rising star Jordy from the sidelines to the center stage. Lathered in hooks and flawless falsettos, the single is just the right kind of pop we need so desperately on radio. There’s a youthful joy here that is often lacking these days in a rush for most younger artists wanting to position themselves as mature. Thankfully, Jordy acts his age and the song works because, well, it’s relatable. Winner.

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“Miss The Days” – SBTRKT

With vocals from Leyla, SBTRKT (aka UK producer Aaron Jerome) returns to form with “Miss The Days.” The artist had been missing for nearly six years and it’s the most welcome of returns. The single is basically an R&B ballad, buoyed by drum and bass, making for the most hypnotic experience. It may not be the most traditional Top 40 entry but programmers would be remiss not to feature the single that frankly does as much if not more for soul/dance fusion than Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” LP. Hidden gem.

Even More Hits!


LEAVE HIM – Comanavago

HIGH HOPES – Khazali

THE WAY YOU SEE ME – Sophia Alexa

WATER – TSHA, Oumou Sangare

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