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#Hitsoftomorrow – A Weekly Rundown Of The “Should-Be” Hits

From Duckwrth to Ari Lennox to YUNGBLUD to Arden Jones and many more

Amit Vaidya Sep 03, 2022

Hello September! As we say farewell to summer, we get fresh new singles from two of pop’s mainstays. Charlie Puth previews yet another single from his forthcoming album with “Smells Like Me”, while Justin Bieber continues his journey into Afrobeats with the single “Beautiful Love”. While neither track is bad, they aren’t particularly memorable either. Of course, that shouldn’t stop either of them from charting or becoming mainstays on the chart. Having said that, without further ado, here is this week’s #HitsOfTomorrow, the week’s should-be hits that deserve our extra little nudge!

BEG – Duckwrth, CLAY

Love is in the air this fall, or at least Duckwrth is making a good case for it with this instant hit “Beg” featuring Clay. From his upcoming EP “Chrome Bull” out later this month, the track perfectly blends dance music with R&B/hip-hop in an approachable way that doesn’t feel forced (probably cause he’s been doing it for much longer than Drake and Beyonce!). The single has the potential to become a huge breakthrough Top 40 smash for the LA native and it is my personal “beg” to programmers to make that happen!

QUEEN SPACE – Ari Lennox, Summer Walker

While we were waiting for her sophomore LP to drop, Ari Lennox gave us the surprise of the week with an EP previewing the “age/sex/location” album. With help from her R&B soul sister Summer Walker, Lennox creates an R&B gem with “Queen Space”. We don’t get to hear neo-soul much these days on mainstream radio and with Lennox’s star only rising with each release, it would be a great time to make her brand of soul a mainstay on Top 40. Winner.

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Sampling The Cure and that too, an iconic single of theirs like “Close To Me” is no joke. But Yungblud managed to do just that, reaching out and personally getting a thumbs up from the band’s frontman Robert Smith. The dance-friendly single is the perfect introduction to the next iteration of the talent and truth be told, “Tissues” may be the singer’s best song to date and most likely to also garner him a massive new legion of fans, young and old. At a time when samples are just used without any intent besides gaining commercial appeal, it’s nice to see and hear a well-executed one that builds on the original and makes the new single feel just that, fresh and new!

MR. SUNSHINE – Arden Jones

LA native Arden Jones may not be a name we know yet on the brick and mortar charts but the young talent has already amassed quite the following on streaming platforms and his latest “Mr. Sunshine” is likely to move the TikTok and Spotify star into the spotlight even further as the infectiously catchy single is likely to be blasting all over this fall. While the industry game has changed as to how artists breakout, the formula for a hit single is simple – make it memorable and this single is likely one of many to come from Jones.

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Speaking of TikTok stars, Juibel is one of the brightest and also most talented musicians of recent time. Challenged to make a full song using a cartoon sound effect, yup, that running sound that Scooby, Shaggy and the Mystery gang as they scattered on the show led to the song “Scooby Doo”. While it may feel like a novelty, it is far more than that. This is nostalgia tinted with talent tinted a mad brilliance that makes Juibel everything we want in a young pop star. I really really hope radio takes notice because we are missing joy on the dial lately and trust me, this talent is totally up to the challenge! Zoinks!

Even More Hits!

FOOL 4 U – Yuna

LIKE A BOY – Jillian Ross

INDIFFERENT – Sabina Ddumba



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