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#HitsOfTomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the “Should-Be” Hits

Check out our list that features K-pop stars and an emotional ballad

Amit Vaidya Jul 23, 2022

Another week and another slew of new releases. This week features a surprise two-track EP release by Billie Eilish, featuring the singles “TV” and “The 30th.” Eilish had previously debuted the former as part of her headlining act on the first night of the 2022 Glastonbury festival. The ballad is essential Eilish listening and is likely to keep us occupied until the singer readies a new album. We also have a new collab release between Megan Thee Stallion and Future “Pressurelicious,” which is likely to shoot up the charts instantly. Beyond these tracks, here are this week’s #HitsOfTomorrow, songs that deserve our attention and should be hits!

“Free Yourself” – Jessie Ware

Like Eilish, Jessie Ware debuted her new single “Free Yourself” at the 2022 Glastonbury festival. The single is instantly catchy and continues along the lane Ware has found for herself in since the release of her 2020 “What’s Your Pleasure?” album. The track is produced by Stuart Price, who never misses a beat and has an unbelievable craft of making dance music feel ethereal and timeless. It’s a shame Ware continues to be relegated to subgenres rather than the true Top 40 star she should be. Hit!

“Late Night Feels” – Sam Feldt, Monsta X

Dutch producer Sam Feldt scores a monster collab with K-pop stars Monsta X on “Late Night Feels.” The track is surprisingly solid – with so many K-pop stars collaborating with artists from other parts of the world (or it’s more likely the other way around now), it’s refreshing to hear a song that doesn’t feel forced from either end. The track still maintains the Sam Feldt style while also managing to feel like a Monster X record. More collaborations should be as organic as this feels. Here’s hoping the track ascends to the top of the charts as, it’s a collab worth rooting for!

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“Fantasy” – D-Block Europe

DBE know how to churn out hits and they keep the momentum going this week with their latest single “Fantasy,” which may in fact be their strongest single in years. While the UK hip-hop collective have seen great success in their native land, their music hasn’t been as successful in crossing over to other markets. “Fantasy” has the potential to be that breakthrough single. It’s high time the band got their global due and let’s hope that’s the case with this track or at least with their upcoming album “Lap 5,” slated to release later in the year.

“Summer Days” – Tia Gordon

It’s always great to see a young artist find their groove and Tia Gordon is able to showcase not just her voice but her vibe with “Summer Days.” The single will ideally push the artist into bigger leagues since the song is as charming as it is a bop! Released at the perfect time in the right season, the track is a winner and here’s hoping it keeps us warm even as the days get cooler (and let’s hope they do, everyone’s done with the heatwaves!).

“The Hard Way” – Pale Waves

Emotional ballads that aren’t just “poor me” are hard to come by these days. While artists should always be celebrated for sharing their truth, sometimes as listeners, we wish for lyrical/story variety and Pale Waves’ “The Hard Way” does that brilliantly. The song tackles some big emotional topics but with a level of maturity and reflection that makes the track hit harder than most. While the band has seen a growing fan base with time, if marketed correctly, the song can not only make them a global band to reckon with but also help a lot of people along the way.

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Even More Hits!

SATISFY – Shivum Sharma

now ur gone. – will hyde, Keenan Te


Just Can’t Get Enough – Channel Tres

Different Directions – Satin Jackets, Ivy Falls

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