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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

Clean Bandit, Florrie and Vince Staples, plus Aili cover Fergie’s “Glamorous”

Amit Vaidya Feb 19, 2022

It’s a big hip-hop week with new releases from Jack Harlow and Kid Cudi leading the way but there’s also a power collaboration between Regard and Years & Years that’s likely to shoot up the charts. While these tracks are likely to make a fast dent on the charts, here’s this week’s Hits Of Tomorrow that need that little extra love!

“Everything But You” – Clean Bandit, A7S

Not much of their now-perfected electronic-with-strings formula has changed but this collaboration between British band Clean Bandit and Swedish singer-songwriter Alexander Tidebrink, aka A7S had me bopping along. Likely to become a springtime staple on the radio, “Everything But You” is a bit of a slow starter unlike their past work, but that actually works as A7S’s vocals crescendo along with the orchestra makes for the most joyful eargasm.

“Magic” – Vince Staples, Mustard

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples is back, previewing his next album Ramona Park Broke My Heart with “Magic,” co-produced by Mustard. The track was first previewed in a Beats by Dre commercial last week featuring American tennis star Naomi Osaka. It’s everything we love about the artist who always finds a way to differentiate himself from the pack by delivering honest rhymes with a laidback flow that continually makes me wonder why he’s not bigger than he is!

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“What If I’m Wrong” – Florrie

I’ve already cribbed about Florrie not getting her due and here’s my plea for 2022 that with her first track of the new year, “What If I’m Wrong,” I’m proven wrong and the English artist gets the attention she and the single deserve. Florrie has been brilliantly bringing together her singer-songwriter vibe with electronic pop for nearly a decade now and while so many other artists have succeeded off of this formula, it’s about time the singer also got a second round of play on the radio for continuous bangers!

“Slow Song” – The Knocks, Dragonette

As they’ve claimed themselves, “Slow Song” might possibly be the most “disco” record The Knocks have ever made. And we’re loving it. Collaborating with Dragonette, the single definitely tunes into the retro vibe but as always the production retains a modern spin that makes the song perfect for Top 40 if given the chance! Unlike many earlier collabs, this one stands a good chance thanks to the most melodious chorus and Dragonette’s on-point vocals.

“What’s Love” – Baby Tate

While she teased the single last month, Baby Tate is finally giving us what we’ve wanted with this slow jam. The single comes out as a double feature alongside “SHO (Slut Him Out).” While that track may get some attention, “What’s Love” is the winner. We don’t get to hear straight-up R&B like this these days and the singer taps just the right amount of nostalgia in her subtle nod to Ashanti. This is the jam!

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BONUS: Best Cover Of The Week!

“Glamorous” – Aili

Hard to believe it’s been more than 15 years since Fergie’s “Glamorous” featuring Ludacris hit Number One! Belgian-Japanese duo Aili cover the R&B bop and turn it into a futuristic electro-pop ditty that’s mostly sung in Japanese and somehow turns the modern classic into something way cooler! The single deserves attention for how a well-constructed cover should be done right! Fergie would be very pleased with this. Radio take note.

On the cusp!

“Pray” – Jessie Murph

“Naturally” – Tinashe

“NWA” – Lucky Daye, Lil Durk

“Fast Times” – Sabrina Carpenter

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