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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

Sabrina Claudio, COIN, Two Another and more

Amit Vaidya Mar 26, 2022

As we wrap up the month of March, we see a slew of big releases. Ed Sheeran is back yet again, proving that Justin Bieber is no longer the king of collaborations. After his duet with Camila Cabello, he and J. Balvin are out with not one but two new singles – “Sigue” and “Forever My Love” Meanwhile new album releases from Maren Morris, Latto and Machine Gun Kelly are likely to provide numerous hit singles from those respective albums. As for #HITSOFTOMORROW, here’s out rundown of the tracks that need that ever so little push this week.

“Killing Me” – COIN

American pop-rock band COIN has a winner this week with “Killing Me.” In what is arguably the Nashville-based best album to date, Uncanny Valley, this single is likely to catapult the band from the alt-rock scene to Top 40 if the label and the bandmates push the track aggressively. In a post-Glass Animals world where radio is now willing to let slowburn tracks make their way up and stay here, there’s no reason “Killing Me” can’t do the same thing, albeit, much faster!

“One I Need”– Two Another

Two Another may not actually be Australian but their bond started there and in “One I Need,” the sunny duo makes an instantly catchy bop that’s likely to not only play well down under but also in their natives of UK and the US respectively. The single is perfect for Top 40, there’s a bit of soul, a bit of dance and a lot of groove – just the right slice of retro pop that we’ve been enjoying the past couple of years. Much like COIN’s single, this too deserves to rocket up the charts!

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“Angostura” – keshi

With his hotly anticipated debut album Gabriel finally out, keshi unleashes quite the bold array of tracks that span across countless genres seamlessly. The singer-songwriter already has a huge following and with tracks like “Angostura,” he’s bound to add many more. If positioned correctly, the song could be a huge hit across the globe and not just relegated to ethnic charts or social media. “Angostura” is perfect for the springtime and could be a great early contender for hot jam of the summer given its fun vibe and the singer getting us all to enjoy whatever life brings. 

“Better Version”– Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio has created an interesting niche for herself. All her tracks are fire but they barely register a dent on the charts yet somehow folks know about her and also follow her. “Better Version,” her latest single is yet another reason why we love the talented young singer. She’s soulful, sensual and this time, thanks to the accompanying music video, a bit futuristic too. The single feels tailor-made for 15 seconds cuts ending up on TikTok but the track itself deserves attention – this would sound so good blasting for the car stereo.

“Tamagotchi” – Omar Apollo

Hats off to Omar Apollo for taking us back with one of our childhood fave references with “Tamagotchi.” Produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo aka The Neptunes, this is a fun track that further showcases how immensely talented Apollo is and makes us more than excited for his upcoming full-length album Ivory next month. In a just world, this would do what early ought singles produced by The Neptunes did – head straight to the Top 40 and become a part of the deserved pop culture lexicon.

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“Somebody Like You” – Bree Runway

Somebody please listen! Bree Runway has been slaying in a way we just can’t stop thinking about and “Somebody Like You” might be the emotive single she’s needed to make us all pay attention. Much like Normani but with far less industry hype, Runway delivers and Top 40 would have eaten this up in the 90s and 00s. Maybe there’s a chance the 20’s will make room for this? Here’s hoping.

On the cusp!

“Don’t Call Me” – Pino

“Anything But Me” – MUNA

“Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me For A Fool)” – Obongjayar

“Next Time” – JESSIA

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