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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Jackson Wang to Surfaces and Glass Animals’ solid Lorde cover

Amit Vaidya Apr 02, 2022

There’s no fooling that we’ve entered the fourth month of the year and April gives us spankin’ brand new music from Harry Styles! Alongside the former One Directionite, we’ve got new music from Shawn Mendes and Kehlani who gets Justin Bieber featured on her latest single. Besides these likely huge hits, there’s a number of new releases that deserve attention. Here is this week’s #HitsOfTomorrow.

“Blow” – Jackson Wang

There is simply no reason why “Blow” shouldn’t blow up the charts across the globe. Wang has already tasted some Top 40 success but with millions of fans across the globe, he’s still been unable to land that massive crossover hit that makes the singer a household name. “Blow” has absolutely just what is needed to make that happen and more! The Franz Ferdinand-esque single is A HIT from the get-go but the sing-along chorus seals the deal. Capital H-I-T!

“Run Into Trouble” – Alok, Bastille

Over the years, Dan Smith and Bastille have poured their very unique sauce over countless hits. “Run Into Trouble” with Alok follows that same formula but it is one that works, so why try to reinvent the wheel, right? From “Happier” with Marshmello to “I Know You” with Craig David, Smith always finds a way to add that emotional depth necessary to make a song work and here between his vocals and Alok’s production – it’s magic.

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“I Can’t Help But Feel” – Surfaces

The first single from Surface’s new era “I Can’t Help But Feel” is perhaps the perfect song for the spring and likely should become a big hit by this summer. Not quite outside their usual playhouse but the single still feels fresh, breezy and is a lot of fun. Perfect for the radio and countless playlists ahead for 2022 – pure joy!

“this is what heartbreak feels like (pretty little liar)” – JVKE

Alt-pop singer-songwriter JVKE is back after having gone viral with “this is what falling in love feels like.” In what one can only assume is the follow up, “this is what heartbreak feels like (pretty little liar)” – the artist now looks to his failed relationship and we get to experience his heartache with him. Sonically, the track works as strongly as the previous hit and history should likely repeat itself with this track also going viral and ideally become a radio staple, as it deserves to be!

“Under The Moon” – Alex Isley, Jack Dine

No doubt about it, Marigold, the new album from Alex Isley is going to be playing on repeat for months to come and for me, the best track has to be “Under The Moon.” This is quintessential neo-soul at its best. Universal in appeal, timeless in its melody and impeccable production. These days, singers like Isley are relegated to Adult R&B and it is an absolute shame because this would sound heavenly on any format. A top contender for my year-end chart!

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Cover Of The Week!

“Solar Power” (Spotify Single) – Glass Animals

When Glass Animals covered this underrated Lorde gem a few months back in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge, it was an inspired choice. Now, they officially release the studio mix of the single with Spotify and I’ve got to tell you, “Solar Power” deserves a second notice. There’s absolutely no reason why this cover shouldn’t shoot high up the charts. The band turn the single into a thumping pop ditty that just makes you want to move along to the beat. Arguably improving on the original – and that’s a tall order!

On the cusp!

“made for you” – renforshort

“Baby Blue” – Winona Oak

“Will We Ever Get This Right” – flowerovlove

“Best Day Of My Life” – Tom Odell

Listen To #HITSOFTOMORROW Playlist on Spotify!


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