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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown of the ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Bring Me The Horizon’s duet with Sigrid to Bambi Bains, Becky G and more

Amit Vaidya Apr 22, 2022
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Another week, another slew of new releases. This week we finally get The Kid Laroi’s much-touted follow-up to his global smash “Stay” with Justin Beiber. “Thousand Miles” will likely be the final nail required to retire his megahit from the airwaves to make room for this likely smash. Beyond Laroi, another week and another international collaboration with a top Indian act. Last week Diljit Dosanjh and Tory Larenz came together, and this week it is Badshah’s turn with J Balvin and Tainy on “Voodoo.” While the single lacks much personality, it’s likely to do well in India, and we’ll see if it makes a dent globally. Beyond these tracks, there is an interesting mix of international singles that have released and have the potential to cross over to the mainstream. Without further ado, here is this week’s Hits of Tomorrow.


A lovely ballad by someone who’s not Justin Bieber is always welcome. Johnny Orlando’s “Someone Will Love You Better” is as straight as they come, but at a time when that’s rarely heard, the song comes as a breath of fresh air that is likely to help the artist reach heights he has yet to reach chart-wise. A haunting single that better make its way to radio and become the smash it deserves.


After premiering the single at Coachella, BIBI’s “Best Lover” is out for all of us to groove along with. The sensual single is her boldest effort yet to achieve mainstream success across the globe. If there is any justice, the singer will see that happen with this superlative single that fits perfectly onto any Top 40 playlist. A winner all the way.

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“MISTAKE” – Bambi Bains

Unlike the aforementioned “Voodoo” by Badshah, “Mistake” by Bambi Bains actually has what it takes to cross over and that too without feeling gimmicky. The single does a great job of fusing a desi sound into her pop-soul style. The song is instantly catchy, the chorus infectious, and after Priya Ragu’s “Good Love 2.0,” this is the first single I’ve heard from an Indian-origin artist that has a chance to organically and authentically blow up outside of the diaspora and actually become a Top 40 smash. Programmers, please give it a listen!

“BAD LIFE” – Sigrid, Bring Me The Horizon

Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon may not sound like the ideal duet partners, but the singer-songwriter and the band mesh well together on “Bad Life.” Both artists happen to be fans of one another and the song was the perfect way to come together, and that too on a meaningful single that tries to get us to see things more optimistically. It’s unlike what we would usually hear from either act, so the single is a welcome surprise and deserves our attention.

“BEAUTIFUL WORLD” – The Kooks, Milky Chance

A combination that makes a little more sense, on paper at least, is The Kooks and Milky Chance coming together for “Beautiful World.” The peppy single works nicely because the result is a nostalgic trip reminiscent of the early 1990s Manchester sound, something we’ve not heard in quite some time. This needs to be played through the summer; it’s simply joyous in all the right ways!

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Another soulful entry this week after “Best Lover” is MORGAN’s “In My Feelings.” The retro-laced single works perfectly because of the singer’s perfect blend of sass and soul. Vocally, too, she plays it right, creating her own lane without sounding like a knockoff; it’s a genre where that distinction is often challenging to find. This is a stellar single, her best. Let’s hope it gets the plays it warrants.

“NO MIENTEN” – Becky G

Okay, so Becky G has been on fire lately and there may be a question as to why I’d include what’s likely to be another smash by the singer. The reason is simple – while G has found her footing in Spanish-language singles, the majority of her hits have been collaborations. Here, she’s flying solo and that too with a single that is so infectious that we can almost hear the English version already. Whether it’s in the works or not, this J.Lo-inspired single deserves to make an appearance on the charts. “No Mienten” is pure fire!

On the cusp


“ACCESS DENIED” – Levelle London

“FOXGLOVE” – Boston Manor

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