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#HitsOfTomorrow – A Weekly Rundown of the ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Lauv to Vance Joy to Eaj and FKA Twigs

Amit Vaidya Apr 08, 2022

The second week of April brings another slew of potential hits. Big releases include the latest from Pusha T featuring Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams, “Neck & Wrist,” while Camila Cabello teams up with WILLOW for “psychofreak” from her newly released Familia LP. Chloe and Charlie Puth also release their latest, while David Guetta brings two of dance’s biggest vocalists together as Ella Henderson and Becky Hill team up for what’s likely to be another club smash with “Crazy What Love Can Do.” While these are all likely to storm the charts pronto, here are some other noteworthy single releases this week that deserve our attention in this Hits Of Tomorrow column.


It’s officially springtime, or at least we’re led to believe that as Lauv expresses his unabashed love for his girlfriend Sophie Cates (who co-wrote the track and makes a cameo in the music video too!) on his new single “All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love).” We haven’t had a genuine love song, so unapologetic in nature, in quite some time, and it would be a true delight to have something upbeat and actually happy make it back onto the airwaves. A gem of a song not to be missed, and hopefully Top 40 is listening!

“CLARITY” – Vance Joy

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He’s come a long way since his massive hit “Riptide” a few years ago, but Vance Joy is as carefree as ever on “Clarity,”his latest single, which if history chooses to repeat itself, will blow up as big as its predecessor. There’s a great shortage of positivity and hopefulness on the charts these days, and the 1-2 punch of Lauv’s latest single and this one by Joy will go a long way towards making us feel like ourselves again after a troubling winter.


Former DAY6 member eaJ’s debut single “Car Crash” is anything but a wreck. In fact, the single is the absolute perfect start for the Korean singer to launch his solo career. Having moved back to his native California now, he strikes the right chord here, ensuring his fanbase will enjoy his evolution. But the single’s instantly catchy hook and chorus will bring on plenty of new listeners! Surefire winner!

“BLISS” – Yung Lean, FKA twigs

With the launch of his new mixtape Stardust, Swedish rapper Yung Lean releases an impressive collection of tracks with “Bliss” featuring FKA twigs being the highlight. The single perfectly combines Lean’s grit with twigs’s beautiful harmonies. The juxtaposition of their voices creates a surprisingly fantastic collaboration. Lean hasn’t really broken through in America or the rest of the world, and if any track were to help him make it big, this is the one.

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“HOLD IT DOWN” – Digga D

Leave it to Digga D to create a British version of 50 Cent and Nate Dogg’s classic “21 Questions.”“Hold It Down”samples the same iconic Barry White single “It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing”that Cent’s #1 hit did and is more than likely the inspiration for D here. This is a no-holds-barred single that perfectly captures the rapper’s drill style, with a hip-pop friendly vibe making for the ideal global crossover hit.

“DON’T WANNA” – modernlove.

Be prepared to get immediately hooked on to the latest single from modernlove. “Don’t Wanna” finds the Irish indie-rock band giving us their best single to date in a song tailor-made for a throwback soundtrack. Of course, it sounds as good blasting from your car or phone speakers. Again, if justice is rightfully served, we’ll be hearing this on Top 40 across the globe as the band has absolutely what it takes to go the distance with this HIT!

On the cusp!

“TRAMP” – Sad Night Dynamite


“MISS THE PARTY” – Clara Mae, Maximillian

“THAT’S WHERE I AM”– Maggie Rogers

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