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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Madeon to The Big Pink and The Wanted re-releasing a song in memory of late bandmate Tom Parker

Amit Vaidya Apr 29, 2022
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As we wrap up the month of April, Sam Smith returns with a self-love anthem that’s likely to resonate greatly with his fans and on the charts. “Love Me More” is just what we want from the singer and he’s possibly scored another winner here. Beyond Smith, Aitch returns with his follow-up to the Ashanti-sampled “Baby” with “Just Coz,” while Ava Max returns with “Maybe You’re The Problem” – set to be yet another surefire hit for the young singer. While these are the more assured hits, here is this week’s #HITSOFTOMORROW.

“WATER.” – Snakehips, Bryce Vine

British electronic duo Snakehips (one of my faves) are back, and this time they are accompanied by rapper/singer Bryce Vine who infuses the house track with a sense of summery euphoria. There is simply no reason for “WATER.” not to splash across the globe and be part of every summer playlist – from beaches to clubs. Hitting the repeat button for this one already!

“Love You Back” – Madeon

After a stellar set at Coachella, Madeon finally drops “Love You Back.” Fans of the French artist will notice some familiarities in the single as the singer has interjected versions of the track over various live performances. Now, thankfully, as a single on its own, the track gets a chance to shine on its own merit. This is probably one of Madeon’s strongest releases and it stands a strong chance of becoming quite possibly my most favorite release from the artist.

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“Gasoline” – Mirani

In a year where we’ve already seen Latto hit the top of the charts following the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat and Saweetie, could Mirani be next? The Korean rapper is in her element on “Gasoline” – an English/Korean jam that’s got enough swag and soul to actually go beyond the K-pop charts and become a crossover hit. Time will tell, but Mirani is one to watch out for and this single paves her way to a global takeover.

“In the Club” – Mahalia

Mahalia has been on a roll lately, releasing jam after jam, but they all will now pale in comparison to “In the Club.” After over two decades, 50 Cent’s debut single “In Da Club” still manages to get the crowd going and here Mahalia interpolates the lyrics and melody from the classic and gives it her unique spin. The JD Reid-produced track is just what’s needed to introduce the talent to parts of the world that haven’t been privy to the rising star. If there is any justice, the single will break into the Top 40 and become a radio staple this summer.

“self sabotage” – Lexi Jayde

Move over Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish! Well, sort of… Co-produced by FINNEAS, “self sabotage” by Lexi Jayde continues the welcome return of young singer-songwriters who can get vulnerable and create a melody for the ages. There’s absolutely no reason this single shouldn’t become as massive as previous hits for Rodrigo and Eilish. Breakthrough smash!

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“No Angels” – The Big Pink

After an extended hiatus, The Big Pink is back with “No Angels.” The single picks up just where the band left us, and given the long gap, it feels like a breath of fresh air to hear the electronic/indie rockers again. Produced by Tony Hoffer, the track is a welcome return and a fantastic re-entry back onto the charts for the Brits. Can’t wait to hear what lies ahead!

On the cusp!

“Better” – Kamal.

“Moon” – Carmody

“Harley” – Middle Part

R.I.P. Tom Parker

“Gold Forever (For Tom)” – The Wanted

As the world still mourns the untimely loss of Tom Parker from The Wanted, the band re-release their hit single “Gold Forever” with a special version titled “Gold Forever (For Tom)”.

All the proceeds from the single will be donated to The Brain Tumor Charity. The song takes on a whole new meaning in this special ballad mix. It’s a beautiful tribute for a young talent gone too soon.

Listen to #HITSOFTOMORROW Playlist on Spotify!

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