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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

New music from Stormae, Leony, plus the strong return of Tears For Fears

Amit Vaidya Jan 15, 2022

Tears for Fears. Photo: Frank Ockenfels

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2022 is already feeling like it’s moving at 2x with the number of new releases, and that includes biggies from FKA Twigs, Kane Brown, Gunna (with Drake!), Avril Lavigne (with Blackbear!) and Cordae. While most of these tracks will likely impact the charts in the coming weeks, here are some of the new releases that hopefully will not fall through the cracks and will become the #HitsOfTomorrow they deserve to be! 

“L’Enfer” – Stromae

Last weekend, Belgian-Rwandan singer/rapper Stromae attracted a massive audience in France for a sit-down interview after a near-six-year hiatus from the music industry. After just a few minutes into the interview, the artist was asked about his mental health and he began to perform “L’Enfer” (which means “Hell”). The song bravely talks about the artist having suicidal thoughts and not being proud of them despite his awareness that many people are just like him. One of the great joys of a global music scene is that artists from around the world now have the world as their audience. For fans, there is a collective experience happening that’s not defined by a nation or a language. This is a brilliant track likely to get more attention thanks to the incredibly emotional music video. 

“Picture Myself” – Stephanie Poetri 

Indonesian singer-songwriter Stephanie Poetri scores an acoustic winner here with “Picture Myself”. The single harkens back to those summery Colbie Caillat vibes we used to sing along to not so long ago, but don’t hear much of these days on the radio. If there is justice in the world, this song would breakthrough bigly on the Top 40 and Poetri could score herself a well-deserved hit. This track leaves you wanting more and is likely to be playing on loop for me for weeks to come!

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“Last Birthday” – Valley

The Toronto-based alternative pop group Valley gives us pure melodic joy with “Last Birthday”. The single works because the quartet add a level of earnestness to the understated production in a way few records do these days. There is an intimacy in the recording that mirrors that very real, very today lyrics of the song. While the band has been riding a wave over the last couple of years, no song has better showcased the group in this way. “Last Birthday” feels as timeless as a cover song, except it’s not!

“On My Own” – charlieonnafriday

Somewhere between Post Malone and Justin Bieber, finding his own lane is Seattle-native charlieonnafriday who takes big strides with his latest “On My Own”. It’s rare for a young singer to sound unlike anyone else despite productions mirroring the style of his contemporaries. It’s a smart move on the artist’s part to continue to leave some mystery, making for a more interesting and introspective performer than probably what his label would like. But this is a good thing because there is room for the music and for the singer to grow. This is a no-brainer for Top 40, but are they smart enough to get it?

“Remedy”– Leony 

German pop singer Leony gets us all moving with “Remedy”, a first-class bop that has nearly as many hooks and Eighties synths as the best of The Weeknd! The artist hasn’t really broken through outside of the European or Australian market but with this single, she stands an incredible opportunity to follow the likes of Dua Lipa into international smash territory. If her label is reading this, promote this single right now.

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BONUS: Comeback Of The Week

“Break The Man” – Tears For Fears

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 40 years since “Mad World” and their first album The Hurting but Tears For Fears are back with their first new studio album in 17 years with The Tipping Point due for release next month. While the duo has already released two singles from the upcoming project, “Break The Man” is definitely the standout track so far. It pushes back on the patriarchy and highlights the strength of a woman—feels like an update to their feminist anthem of its time, “Woman In Chains”. Of course, that song was more about domestic abuse but for listeners, there was an empowering tone which their latest single also echoes. If there were ever a song the band released to get them back on radio it would be this. Here’s hoping one of the O.G. 80’s bands can score a hit in today’s landscape, given that most of the tracks we listen to these days sound like old-school Tears For Fears! 

On the cusp…here are three more new releases we hope to see go far!

“Burried”– Chris Klafford

“Love Me More” – Mitski 

“Breathe”– Arctic Lake 

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