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#HitsOfTomorrow – A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

From Tove Lo to Cary Rae Jespen to iKON to King Promise to Alison Wonderland

Amit Vaidya May 06, 2022
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And we’re into the fifth month of the calendar year and May brings lots of flowers our way including two singles from two summer should-be blockbuster films. Lady Gaga takes over from Berlin with “Hold My Hand” from the “Top Gun:Maverick” soundtrack. While the song lacks the iconic feel of the “Take My Breath Away”, Gaga does infuse enough of her sensitive side on the single to at least guarantee a hit. Meanwhile, in something we’d only get from a Baz Luhrmann film, we’ve got Doja Cat releasing “Vegas” from the “Elvis” soundtrack. The singer-rapper interpolates the classic “Hound Dog” and the single is likely to burn up the charts. Definitely excited to hear more from the soundtrack in the weeks to come! Gaga and Cat are not the only two acts releasing solid tracks this week, but they are the biggest names. Here is this week’s #HITSOFTOMORROW tracking the likely hits from artists and songs that deserve our special attention.


One of the most consistently cool and bad-ass artists out there is Tove Lo. This generation’s Robyn, the singer returns to form with her single “No One Dies From Love”. While the title itself might be better suited for a James Bond theme, the song is a slow-burn that for those who’ve missed Lo from the radio, they’ll jump on the track immediately and by the end of the track not wanting it to end. Thankfully, they are doing full promotion with the track as they should, it’s her best work in years!

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WESTERN WIND – Carly Rae Jespen

Speaking of other unsung female artists, the ever-reliable Carly Rae Jespen is back and quel surprise, it’s a winner. Jespen really hasn’t had a misstep, well, ever and “Western Wind” hopefully goes a long way towards returning the indie-pop darling back to Top 40 success. It’s perfect timing as we’ve been void of the Canadian artist for quite some time and there’s nothing better than having a Jespen record ready to spin all summer long! A smash and we know it, everyone now just needs to catch up!

PIZZA BOY – Everything Everything

In their final preview track for their upcoming album “Raw Data Feel”, Everything Everything release their best track to date from the new era. “Pizza” is outright winner – lyrically on point and musically everything 80’s that gets love these days on the radio. The track has the right feel for the season and has the potential to be a long-term repeat fave if it gets the right push across multiple playlists across the globe. I’ll ask the question, who doesn’t love “pizza!”


Speaking of the 1980’s, iKON switch it up sonically and I’m totally digging K-pop going by the way of synth-pop. Most definitively their strongest outing in years, the single is in fact so infectious, it has huge breakthrough potential across the globe giving the band organic crossover appeal. “But You” is catchy, moody and stands out from a crowded pack. A solid return for the band.

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Instant classic – that’s all that can be said for this all-around winner. “Afraid To Feel” is LF System’s latest and best track to date. The song is likely to blow up at the clubs and festivals but it would be a total shame if it didn’t replicate that success on the Top 40 as it sounds fresh and vintage at the same time. There’s never a dull moment here and had me going for the repeat button even before it ended!

GINGER – King Promise

Ghana’s King Promise gives us just what we need this spring with “Ginger”. The song hits that sweet spot of beautifully intertwining Afrobeats with pop sensibilities. Promise sounds as chilled as possible as he croons on the single. While the song works on its own, it’s begging for a rap verse – so who’s smart enough to jump on the track and make this the global smash it deserves to be?

On the cusp!

TENDER – Delights


SOMETHING REAL – Alison Wonderland


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