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#HitsOfTomorrow: A Weekly Rundown Of The ‘Should-Be’ Hits

Gavin Haley, Normani and a cross-cultural collaboration between James Blunt and Jason Zhang

Amit Vaidya Mar 19, 2022

Some big album releases are the story of the week with new full-length records from Juice WRLD, Charli XCX and ROSALIA. While these are likely to chart well, here we’re focused on the singles that need our attention. Without further ado, here’s this week’s #HITSOFTOMORROW!

“Fair” – Normani

Is it fair to say that Normani has enough of a hype machine and basically the entire music industry rooting for her? Yes. Is it fair to say that none of her singles have yet resonated to the level we all expected her charm, style and music to reach? Yes. Is it fair to say that “Fair,” Normani’s latest release, is quite possibly the strongest solo single she’s ever released? Absolutely yes. After what seems like countless releases that just didn’t feel authentic, this single showcases the singer’s vulnerability in a way that makes us want to root for her. While this is a more Ciara-like ballad than anything on Top 40 these days, it would a welcome change to the format to incorporate the single much like they embraced Adele’s “Easy On Me” late last year.

“Beabadoobee” – The Let Go

“Beabadoobee” is pure fun (and no, for the old schoolers, it’s not the Part 2 of “Bawitiba”). It’s been a while since we’ve had an intentional pop song that doesn’t try to fit a specific formula and perhaps that’s the right formula here. The Let Go have a winner here that would sound perfect this spring and summer blasting from car stereos and it would be our loss if the song doesn’t find its way onto mainstream playlists and onto Top 40. Part The Pierces, part Haim, and as cool as Glass Animals – and if they could breakthrough, so can The Let Go!

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“Over Everything” – Dreamer Boy

Dreamer Boy’s “Over Everything” has everything going for it and we are all over it! While Justin Bieber continues to dominate radio with one interchangeable track after another and The Kid Laroi’s “Stay” just refuses to fade away (and that means even more Bieber!), it’s time we got a new crop of pop gems and this single has everything going for it to become a chart success. I have to say it, I’m tired of hearing the same seven or 10 voices behind every song. What’s the point of having generic tracks by artists we know stop newer artists with killer hits from getting their moment? If all is fair, I’ll be proven wrong! 

“Keisha” – Yaya Bey

“Keisha” by rising star Yaya Bey is the perfect R&B anthem that radio has been sorely missing of late. The singer-songwriter’s confessional style makes the song resonate deeply to listeners. It’s a rallying cry for women fed up of giving their everything to a relationship only to see there being not nearly enough coming back in return, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Bey simultaneously released the music video she self-directed and choreographed, adding to the artistry on display here. One to watch for sure.   

“Body Language” – Gavin Haley

Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley has an ease to him that we often don’t find in the style of music he’s been releasing. “Body Language” works predominantly because he doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but rather he steers it exactly in a way that makes us bop along, wanting to push the repeat button as soon as the track ends. We haven’t had a love song in a while that was both sensual and fun without feeling unnecessarily graphic or overtly sexual. The song finds the right balance to make it a Top 40 staple if radio gives the single the chance. 

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“Good Luck” – Mabel, Jax Jones, Galantis

Mabel has slowly but surely amassed a series of hit singles across Europe and on the dance charts but mainstream global success still remains large. Unlike her mother (Neneh Cherry!) who achieved great success in the U.S. off the bat, that’s been missing for the young artist. Here, in collaboration with two other underrated dancefloor hitmakers Jax Jones and Galantis, perhaps the three can strike it big and get that mainstream Top 40 hit deserves to be. “Good Luck” to Mabel – she certainly has been working hard to make a name for herself and it’s time radio everywhere paid attention!

BONUS: Cross Cultural Collab Of The Week!

“Adrenaline” – James Blunt, Jason Zhang

China’s Jason Zhang joins hands with singer-songwriter James Blunt on a special mix of “Adrenaline.” While the honor may be Zhang’s to join the chart with Brit vet, but truth be told this cross cultural collab is as much a benefit for Blunt, who has continued to release albums over the years but they’ve failed to make the same dent his 2000s albums used to make. Zhang is a household name in his native land and his social media reach goes far beyond what Blunt could ever imagine. Surprisingly, their vocals blend well and the song could be a Top 40 hit if programmers give Blunt a chance and Zhang’s presence could be just the right “it” factor needed for that to happen.

On the cusp!

“Home Maker” – Sudan Archives

“All My Wishes” – Madison Margot

“Always Almost” – Rosie Darling

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