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How a Casio Mini Keyboard Set Benny Dayal To Become One Of India’s Most Loved Vocalists

The Indian singer and songwriter reminisces about his first Casio keyboard and how it sparked his lifelong interest in music

Divyansha Dongre Aug 02, 2021
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Artists often recall what inspired them to pursue the path to musical excellence- Oftentimes, these memories help shape the artists they grow up to become. In Indian playback singer, Benny Dayal’s case, his first Casio Mini keyboard became a pivotal point in his musical journey. 

For 25 years, Casio has been at the forefront of enabling music learning. With their sleek designs and an amalgamation of tones and rhythms, Casio keyboards continue to empower musicians as they explore the realms of their artistry. Be it a seasoned musician such as Dayal or one who’s just been bitten by the musical bug; Casio’s range of mini, standard and high-grade keyboards provide an enriching learning experience for all. 

At the age of eight, when a young Dayal spent the night of his birthday glued to his Casio Mini fusing different notes and rhythms, he instantly knew where his interests lie. “That’s when I told myself that this is it. I want to grow up and be a musician” reminisces Dayal.

Early last year, Dayal, amongst other musicians, found themselves surrounded by the rare gift of time- Time which was eventually utilized to hone their skills on musical instruments. Seasoned musicians curated new rhythms, and beginners found guidance through Casio’s Chordana Play app. Designed to make keyboard and piano-playing accessible to all at no extra cost, the Chordana Play app displays the music score and piano roll notation, helping beginners navigate their fingers on the keyboard. Using either the app’s in-built keyboard or a USB-connected musical instrument keyboard, one can search for and download MIDI files using the browser on their smartphone or tablet, then import them directly into Chordana Play, allowing the common man to experience the joy of playing their favorite tracks.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In many ways, Casio’s Chordana Play app presented itself as a stepping stone for young musicians to hone their artistic persona during the pandemic, empowering them to take their musician dream to the next level. 

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To celebrate their 25 years of excellence, Casio has tied up with India’s leading musicians, tracing their early memories with music and Casio keyboards. Revisiting the precise moment that motivated artists to get in touch with their musical persona has turned out an exhilarating experience, lined with nostalgia and delight.

Speaking on the collaboration, Casio India’s Vice President, Kulbhushan Seth expressed, “We are excited to announce our association with music industry pioneers like Shaan, Salim Merchant & Benny Dayal. This is a great year for us as we celebrate 25 years in India. Being in-line with our core philosophy of Creativity & Contribution – our aim has always been to expand musical instruments market in India by introducing innovative products like keyboards for beginners with smartphone connectivity for easy learning or slim and stylish portable pianos for professionals. We’ve been pioneers in the field of Mini keyboards and feel deeply obliged and humbled to have touched so many lives and inspired many in their childhood to become the great musicians that they are now.”  

Doubling the celebration, Casio wants to hear your story with the Casio Mini Keyboard and how it impacted yours or your loved one’s childhood in the #CasioMakesMusicians Giveaway on Instagram. 

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Stand a chance to get featured on Casio India’s page and win exciting prizes by sharing your story on @CasioMusic_In- Search for the #CasioMakesMusicians giveaway post and share your comment there to participate.

Watch Benny Dayal share his early memories with Casio Mini keyboard below.

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