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How A TV Show Led Singer-Songwriter Dhruv Kapoor To Write the Lighthearted ‘What Is Love’

The track is the New Delhi artist’s first since he released his debut EP ‘Heartbreak Paradise’ earlier this year

David Britto Nov 04, 2020

New Delhi singer-songwriter Dhruv Kapoor. Photo: Vibhav Kapoor

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When New Delhi singer-songwriter Dhruv Kapoor released his debut four-track EP Heartbreak Paradise earlier this year, he didn’t think the pandemic would continue to exist up until now. He says, “In my head, I had so many plans to play shows and tour.” Instead of waiting around, Kapoor decided to work on an older song idea that he recently fleshed out and released, the affectionate “What Is Love.”

The track stemmed from the musician watching the romantic comedy series Modern Love and thinking to himself what his own story would be if he was a character on the show. He says, “I just ended up writing the entire song in like 10 minutes.” Kapoor adds, “This song eases the burden of having to understand love, that is a feeling no one completely understands, but it is my understanding of what love truly means and could mean.” The song itself features breathy acoustic guitar strumming, subtle drum parts by Suyash Gabriel and a rounded groove from bassist-producer Abhishek Sekhri while the singer-songwriter throws in his somber vocals. Kapoor says, “I think my sound has also become a little more complete compared to the EP.”

The musician recorded a majority of “What Is Love” at New Delhi’s Kintsugi Studios while Gabriel tracked his drum parts at his home studio. “I’ve never really met Suyash [laughs], we just ended up working together virtually for this song.” As for Sekhri, Kapoor and he have been working together for over a year now and the singer-songwriter says, “We understand each other really well and that is such a bonus.”

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With no gigs still in sight, Kapoor tells us he might do a couple of Instagram lives to generate some buzz around the single. There are songs in the vault, in both Hindi and English, the artist plans on releasing. However, he doesn’t want to put out too much music right now because he won’t be able to tour. He says, “I am hoping things get better soon.”

Stream “What Is Love” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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