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How Mumbai DJ Jarryd Nunes Got His Livestream Shows Trending on Mixcloud

The artist recently completed six months of online gigs

David Britto Jan 14, 2021

Mumbai DJ Jarryd Nunes. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Mumbai DJ Jarryd Nunes found himself enthralled with the nightlife scene, it became a no-brainer for him to get behind the decks. After completing a course at the city-based True School of Music, Nunes founded event company Neon Inc. and used that as a way to get gigs around Mumbai. He says, “I’ve never looked back since.”

While Nunes has mainly stuck with playing popular tracks, he’s also known for his remixes and subtle edits within songs to help elevate his sets. “For me, it’s all about giving people an experience and leave them wanting more,” says Nunes.

Through the course of the lockdown, like most artists, Nunes found himself performing online. The DJ began hosting a show on music streaming service Mixcloud called Neon Livestream weekly. With viewers able to request songs and Nunes in front of a green screen, the shows have been filled with retro and pop music as well as featuring guest vocalists.

The show has since grown quite popular and Nunes says, “I wanted to use the show to bring everyone together and share a social space virtually that is filled with happiness and a feel-good vibe. I think that’s what propelled the show to become the most-watched in Asia on Mixcloud.” He adds, “It’s been averaging around 750 viewers each show with people from over 23 plus countries tuning in.” Recently, the DJ completed six months hosting Neon Livestream and celebrated that feat with a four-hour special. “We ended the night with over 1300 people logged on and watching,” he says.

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This year, Nunes plans on releasing a pop record featuring various singers. The DJ also wants to continue with Neon Livestream as he doesn’t see live sets returning fully for another six months at least. Nunes’ company Neon Inc. is even putting together specifically curated events around Mumbai. He says, “[We want to] promote a safe concept of partying while being socially responsible.”

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