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How Mumbai Vocalist Saachi Wrote and Recorded Her Latest Track ‘Better (24h)’ In A Day

The song is the musician’s first release since last year’s ‘Clarity’ EP

David Britto Apr 18, 2019

Mumbai vocalist Saachi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The last time we featured Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Saachi Rajadhyaksha who goes by her first name – was for our Artists Under 25 listicle two years ago. Since then, the vocalist went on to release her debut single “Touch and Go” featuring vocalist-guitarist Ankit Dayal (from Mumbai alt rock band Spud in the Box), drop her debut three-track EP Clarity in 2018 and also hit the gig circuit around the city. Saachi is now back with her latest offering, the jazzy and R&B leaning “Better (24h).”

While “Better (24h)” sounds unlike any of her previous pop material, it also came together in a completely different manner. “The idea behind writing this song was to go into the studio and try and make something in 24 hours,” says Saachi. The vocalist picked the auspicious date of March 27th to do this as she was turning 20. “All these changes in my life and personality were something I wanted to put into a song,” she says.

The opening line for the track, “Gotta alter my many moods/to suit the situation” was penned by Saachi while on her way to Mumbai producer Ayan De’s Midicore Studio. Saachi says, “It’s the confusion between being decisive and giving into what is expected of you. The melody was something that came naturally and this is how the chord structure was set.” “Better (24h)” features a slick bass line, jazzy keyboard parts, subtle guitar work and Saachi’s blissful vocals.

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The singer-songwriter is quite optimistic for the rest of the year as she readies more releases. “There are a lot of conceptual songs after this one that have been in the making for about a year or so and I can’t wait to share them because of how different they are from my debut work,” she says. Apart from her studio work, Saachi is also working on creating a live set to take her music to listeners around the country.

Click here to Stream “Better (24h).” Listen to the song on Spotify below: