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How NMIMS School of Performing Arts Is Honing The Next Generation of Music Talent

Home for zealous students, the institute offers India’s first three-year undergraduate program in Western Contemporary Music.

Divyansha Dongre Jul 16, 2021

Students at NIMIMS School Of Performing Arts. Photo: Courtesy School of Performing Arts

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Molding the future of tomorrow, NMIMS Deemed to be University is a 40-year-old premier institution known for its meticulous management programs. Situated in Mumbai, NMIMS’ School of Performing Arts mirrors the institution’s excellence through its BA Music in Western Contemporary Music and BA Music in Indian Music undergraduate courses.

While many may argue that music is a mere hobby to be indulged in after the nine-to-five hustle, the School of Performing Arts sees music as a rewarding career, which, like any other field, demands the right course of education and training. 

Advising on the BA Music (Western ContemporaryMusic) curriculum, the School of Performing Arts has on-boarded three musicians with diverse backgrounds and expertise- Celebrated for his contributions in the world of ad jingles and Bollywood films, Louis Banks comes with a rich understanding of Jazz. As a pianist and composer, Banks ‘ mastery is enriched by his live stage performances around the globe. 

As an instructor and performer, Carl Clements grasp of wind instruments such as the saxophone and flute makes me an integral part of the advisory board. Proficient in a wide range of musical styles, Clements has graced the industry with collaborative musical pieces. A man of many talents, Russ Spiegel, brings a diverse body of work from the fields of production, writing, composition, and arrangement, giving the advisory board a well-rounded understanding. 

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“The western music curricula has been specially designed based on the need of the Indian students who do have the talent and passion but do not have formal training of it,” says Dr. Divya Shrivastava, the Associate Dean of the School of Performing Arts. Staying true to Shrivastava’s words, the School of Performing Arts’ holistic curriculum nurtures and encourages young creative minds to explore the full extent of their creative realms. While music theory remains the crux of the study, the School of Performing Arts has carefully leveraged the merits of performance-based learning and live playing sessions to aid in polishing a student’s stage persona.

India as a talent pool is rich in creative minds, with the potential of making a name for the industry globally. Through proactive training and theoretical understanding of the art, NIMIMS aims at bridging the gap between dreams and reality by mapping its students against the right curriculum and faculty.

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