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How To Appease G N’ R Superfans

As Axl and crew get ready for India, here’s a G N’ R wishlist for one of the most anticipated concerts of the year

Varun Goswami Dec 07, 2012
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Axl Rose. Photo: Ed Vill

One look at this Instagram photo and we weren’t sure if the Guns N’ Roses frontman was better off doing a sit-down unplugged gig for the Geriatric Society Of India. But true fans, gauging by the mails we’ve received from its organizers, have been “hitting websites” and ensuring that this would be a sellout tour. One such fan gave us his wishlist for the GN’R India Tour.


“Welcome To The Jungle”


The first track on the seminal Appetite For Destruction album, the song first appeared on television at 5am on a Sunday, under a no-repeat promise. “Welcome To The Jungle” gave GN’R its TV debut and also gave the world the best concert opening lines in the history of rock n’ roll.



This decadent best of GN’R is a 10-minute hair-raising treat on most live outings. On stage, the watertight four-man rhythm section forms the bedrock for some serious extended soloing.


“Chinese Democracy”

Axl’s in top form. And nothing demos this better than the opening screecher from the band’s sixth studio album, the near-mythical Chinese Democracy.


“Civil War”

The track opens with Strother Martin’s speech from 1967’s Cool Hand Luke. What follows is the second most recognizable whistle part in the history of rock n’ roll (wait for “Patience”). The rest is pure hard rock hysteria.

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“Paradise City”

Watch out for Bumblefoot.  One of the greatest axeman of this generation and a contemporary to the likes of Guthrie Govan and Mattias Eklundh, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal doesn’t just recreate the manic last moments of “Paradise City”; he gives this epic piece his signature attack and ferocity. 


“Night Train”

“Night Train” is a GN’R staple. A tribute to a cheap brand of wine, it is one of the first songs they wrote as a band. Galloping rhythm parts, throaty vocals, decadent lyrics, and everything rock n’ roll.


“The Garden”

A lesser-known gem from Illusion I, the original features Alice Cooper on backing vocals, and one of the greatest guitar solos from the genre. It is also the band’s first indicative step towards the sound they would explore 13 years later on “Chinese Democracy.”



Axl slithering along the microphone. Everyone else swaying in unison, burning lighter fuel, and whistling the most memorable whistle part in the history of recorded music. Enough said.


“You Could Be Mine”

As epic as the James Cameron movie it featured in (no, not Avatar, think early Nineties), this track is a shot of pure adrenalin. On stage, it’s goosebump material as the eight-man ensemble drops its casual rock n’ roll ease and roars through this high-octane rocker like a speed demon.

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Top hats. White limousines. Jumping off of ocean liners. Kicking out the jams in vacant hangars. Soloing outside a church. When these become the benchmark for all that’s cool in life, you know you are more than just a fan of GN’R. You are a superfan in the words of Varun Goswami. 


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