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How to Let Someone Know You Like Them — Tips We’re Stealing From the Film ‘Anything’s Possible’

Directed by Emmy-winning artist and ‘Pose’s Billy Porter, Prime Video’s ‘Anything’s Possible’ is a wholesome coming-of-age rom-com chock full of cute ideas on how to profess your feelings to your crush

Rolling Stone India Aug 03, 2022

Emmy-winning artist Billy Porter’s wholesome movie 'Anything’s Possible' dropped on Prime Video recently. Photo: Tony Rivetti

Love is ephemeral. Love is eternal. Love is butterflies in your stomach. Love is cupid’s arrow. Love is love. It doesn’t matter what’s in the air when your heart skips a beat and music makes your blood sing. We’ve all been there and we all continue to struggle with how to tell someone that we love them or have feelings for them. Generation denial much? Fortunately for us, Emmy-winning artist Billy Porter’s wholesome movie Anything’s Possible dropped on Prime Video recently. The coming-of-age rom-com explores how Kelsa (Eva Reign), a confident high school girl who is trans, navigates senior year — especially after her classmate Khal (Abubakr Ali) gets a crush on her. Here are some pointers we picked up from the film on how you can send a strong signal to your crush (you’re welcome!):

1. Paint a portrait of them

A still from ‘Anything’s Possible.’

Art is the epitome of romance; it captures a loved one in time. Yes, you could paint them like Kelsa and Khal adorably do in their art class, or you could also get creative in other ways. Make them a digital print, make a personalized collage or sketch a memory that you share together. Just find a way to make it special!

2. Make a fool of yourself over text 

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A still from ‘Anything’s Possible.’

Don’t lie to yourself; everyone has been a fool over text some time or the other. But the best time to play jester is when you’re making your crush laugh like when Khal trips over his own feet while texting Kelsa in Anything’s Possible! So send over that silly message and kickstart a conversation with your crush. Let those endorphins flow alongside the giggles. You’ll never know what can happen until you try!

3. Tell them to be who they are 

A still from ‘Anything’s Possible.’ Photo: Courtesy of ORION PICTURES.

We’re all trying to find ourselves in a world that’s hellbent on marketing an engineered norm of us. So being yourself is both brave and unique. Identity is something that a lot of people struggle with, and it can be really affirming to be told that one is good and enough just as they are. So, celebrate your crush and let them know you value their authenticity and distinctiveness, much like Khal does with Kelsa in Anything’s Possible!

4. Give them flowers 

A still from ‘Anything’s Possible.’

Giving your crush a bouquet of flowers may be old-school but it’s a classic move for a reason. It’s no wonder Kelsa lights up when Khal offers her a small but thoughtful bunch of blossoms. The freshness and color are bound to bring a bright smile to your crush’s face as well as cement that memory as something special in their mind. Trust us, you can never go wrong with flowers!

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5. Just tell them you like them, and then ask them out on a date!

A still from ‘Anything’s Possible.’ Photo: Tony Rivetti.

It’s as easy as counting to three. Take a deep breath, muster some courage and take a chance on yourself. Go tell your crush that you like them and why. Not only will it be flattering to that person but if they’re right for you, they’ll also appreciate your emotional spectrum and capacity. Khal didn’t end up going on a date with Kelsa just like that after all in Anything’s Possible. And hey, if a high schooler can ask his crush out, so can you!