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Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s Wedding Photos: A Picture-Perfect Happily Ever After Frame

Fans around the world are ecstatic as Hyunbin and Son Yejin, the South Korean superstars tie the knot in a dreamy wedding today

Debashree Dutta Mar 31, 2022

Photo: Courtesy of Vast Entertainment

The actors first appeared together on screen in the 2018 film The Negotiation, which was followed by the cult hit Crash Landing on You in 2019-2020. Since then, the two have been a subject of dating rumors, but they never acknowledged it until last year, when it was revealed that they were seeing each other. On the sets of Crash Landing on You, their camaraderie from The Negotiation blossomed into a beautiful romance.

I believe the extremely natural chemistry between the actors was what made this Korean drama one of the greatest hits of all time. Real, deep-seated emotions found expression on the reel and were even better articulated on screen.

Fans and admirers have always wished to see more of their favorite ‘Riri’ couple (short forms of their character names in Crash Landing on You, ‘Captain Ri’ and ‘Yoon Seri’), and now that they are getting hitched, the possibilities are much higher. I mean, I’m not sure how many projects they’d do together, but their in-the-moment, candid experiences might appear in social media posts from time to time.

Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s agencies have posted two wedding stills, thanking everyone for their love and support, and stating that due to the severity of COVID 19, the marriage will be a private ceremony, but the stars will continue to do everything they can to repay the love they’ve received.

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The photographs are a treat to watch. Son Yejin looks gorgeous in her white wedding gown, while Hyun bin looks dapper as usual in his white wedding suit. We congratulate the couple on their marriage and wish them nothing but happiness!


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